Disciplining a 1 year old

Chantal - posted on 07/18/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is not yet 1 but will be in 2 weeks... but these last 2 weeks have been horrible she gets into everything she throws fits if she doesn't get what she wants cries when I unplug the drain in the bath tub! Is it to early to discipline her? What should I do to discipline her?


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Momma - posted on 07/19/2009




from the time my daughter started throwing temper tantrums (i think she was about 11months maybe a little younger) i started putting her in time outs and i would wait to get her until she stopped crying... i used the super nanny approach to discipline my daughter... now when she starts most of the time all it takes is to ask her if she wants a time out but i don't leave it at that, if she says no she also knows she has to say sorry, which she says if a time out was given or not. its very hard to listen to them cry but i think it pays itself off in the end.

Alyssia - posted on 07/19/2009




Disciplining a one year old, or any child for that matter, is a trial to a parent. As is redundantly stated, consistency is key. For a child so young, Since each child has a unique personality and different things are effective for different children, it is hard to give advice as to how to discipline. For one of my children, I found a swat on the hand to be very effective. For my other one, however, this was actually quite detramental. Sometimes just ignoring the fit (as at times it is simply a means by which to get you riled) is the best thing to do in some instances. Whatever discipline you find effective, do it without any show of anger or frustration and be consistent with what works best for you. Just a suggestion... I have found a couple books particularly useful... Parenting with Love and Logic, and Child Guidance by Ellen G White. They are both excellent!!!

Jamie - posted on 07/18/2009




Definitly not to early to discipline. I wouldnt say go spanking her cause shes to young.Time out could be effective. Or try redirection. Or simply saying no, but you have to be firm.

Leigha - posted on 07/18/2009




My oldest has had a temper since day one. When she turned three it got easier. So buckle down and ride it out. Make sure you back up what you say. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. My sister (who was strong willed like that) said she had more respect whenever mom and dad stood up to her and, not fought her, but reiterated that they were to be obeyed. I always offered my daughter choices, both of course things that worked toward what I wanted, yes even at that young. I found with my daughter being strong willed that time outs did NOT work. Taking away toys and spanking were the only things and sometimes I had to do it several times. I hated doing it, I really don't like to have to give her spankings, but when I did it I always ALWAYS explained why and then let her know I wasn't mad at her, but wanted her to listen. Every time I've had to she always wants to hug and cuddle with me afterwards and then she doesn't do whatever it was anymore. But like I said if she's stubborn and strong willed it will be an uphill battle as she grows and begins to explore and learn. Maddy is three and just now it's beginning to get easier, but it was worth the trip! It makes me happy that she's willing to stand up and be counted. She's confident and smarter than I realize, it's great!

Kate CP - posted on 07/18/2009




She's probably trying to be more independent. It's hard as a mommy to let them do stuff on their own. Try giving her some things to do herself. Let her unplug the drain in the tub. As far as "discipline" goes I think she's old enough to learn consequences: times outs, losing toys/privileges. I don't recommend you swat her, though. I think spanking should be reserved as a last resort if used at all.

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