Disciplining My One Year Old

Kristin - posted on 09/09/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 14 months old and doesnt understand the word "no". I have tried telling him "no" for things on numerous occasions and taking his hand away from something as well as chasing him down. Is there anything I can do to discipline him that will be effective? I really need help.


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Lori - posted on 09/09/2009




Time out" is a wonderful way to teach your child boundaries and a "time out" can occur anywhere. It is important to be consistent in what the rules are for your child each time. Remember that your child is exploring his environment and is exploring and testing his boundaries. The rule for "time out" is 1 minute for each numerical age of your child, that is, at age 1 "time out" is 1 minunte and at age 2 "time out" is 2 minutes and so on. I use it on my 6 year old still and will continue to. As Tanna stated end with hugs and kisses. Although, you may need to experiment with the following: If you take you son back to the object and repeat no-no (or your own words) this can be reinforce your rule for the situation. Doing this may refocus your son's attention back to the initial unwanted behavior. You could just retell your son prior to hugs and kisses 'that he had to sit in 'time out' because ....whatever he did and then after hugs, kisses and love u's redirect his attention to want he can have. Give him a few minutes to begin playing and then praise him (excitedly) for playing so will. Children at this age love praise and want to please. The more praise he gets for good behavior will help to reduce unwanted behavior. He will actually try to find any little things to show you to get your attention and praise. Please remember that although it seems like he should get it after a few times this will most likely not be the case because a child's thought processes are very limited compared to an adults. When he touch a no-no and you chase after him--- >it is a game to him that he can get mommy to play. Also him may just need a little attention in that moment. I am sure you are a busy mom as we all are. I sometimes have to stop myself if I get to snappy with my 6 year old girl and remember that I have not had much time that day with her as she sometimes needs. I stop and give her a few minutes if I cant do more because of my schedule and that helps her get my attention in the moment that she needed it. I hope this helps. Best wishes~Lori

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I've heard 1 minute time outs work. When you tell him "no" a few times and he doesn't listen calmly remove him from what he's messing with and put him in a playpen (NOT his crib because he will then associate bedtime as a punishment) in a separate room and shut the door. Make sure the playpen doesn't have any toys in it, remember this is a time out :) Keep him in there for one minute and no more than that. When he's done with his time out calmly take him out of his playpen and right back to what he was messing with that earned him his time out. Point to what he was messing with and say "no-no" firmly but don't yell of course. And of course everytime your baby gets in trouble for doing something he's not suppose to be doing always remember to end the situation with a kiss and an "I love you". :) Hope this helps. Good luck!

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