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So I have a very serious question,
My ex-boyfriend, the man I had believed to be my daughter's father did an at home DNA test and sent the results in and it came back as him having a 0% chance of being the father. Now, when I found out I was pregnant we had been broken up for about a month and a half. I had slept with another man 3-4 weeks after the last time my ex and I had slept together so I know there is a chance. However, my daughter looks just like my ex to me. I have brown eyes, the other man had brown eyes and my ex has bright blue eyes, just like my daughter's. There are many similarities between my ex and my daughter. I am going to retest in an office setting once I get enough money but my question is have any of you done DNA tests, specifically at home ones, and the results end up being wrong?
Thank you so much!


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LalaBoom - posted on 01/10/2014




You can't base DNA on looks. It doesn't happen. If it were like that, my siblings and my jokes about my sister being adopted would be true.

You do have the option to file a paternity suit through the courts and they will conduct a DNA test for both men.

I don't know much about home DNA test or their accuracy, but you seem to not trust it so the courts are another option if you can't afford to pay it.

Could it be that maybe you want your child to be your ex's because you still have feelings for him or you just trust him and not the other potential man?

Trixie - posted on 01/07/2014




Get it done by the law... He could just be lying.... Did you personally see it being done ????

Jodi - posted on 01/07/2014




0% is 0%. Sorry, but this is the other man's child.

1. Babies are often born with blue eyes. They may change later.
2. Even if you have brown eyes, blue eyes are the result of a recessive gene, so a brown eyed person can have blue eyed genes. If you both have them, then you can have a blue eyed child.

Therefore eye colour means nothing unless your know the full genetic heritage of both sides of the family (and this could go back generations).

By all means, go and waste your money on another test, but if I were you, I'd spend the money DNA testing the other man.

Samantha Lane - posted on 01/07/2014




My kids are my husmands 100 percent I never slepted with another man he's the father of my kids

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