Do you use vitamins?

Brenda - posted on 12/12/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




I know we are young still, but lately I have been feeling a little more less energized than usual so I bought myself one of those bottles with the one a day pill, it supposed to have all kind of vitamins and stuff..Do you girls used vitamins? or you think we are just to young for it?


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Talk with your doctor- they can run a blood panel and see what, if anything, you are deificiant in. Maybe you just need to supplement with a specific vitamen, rather than a whole comprehensive one.

I will also warn you to buy your vitamens from a reliable source, because vitamens are not regulated by the FDA, they can really vary in quiality. this is truly a case of you get what you pay for.

also please keep in mind that many nutrients need other items to be absorbed in the body. for example, vitamen C needs fat, so eating an orange and then an oreo, is actually going to make the orange more effective.

While you are at the doctors, you could ask for a referally to a dietitian or nutritionist, to help you make the most of these supplements. making sure you pair things correctly. (my sister is a nutritionist so I call her everytime I have a question about how to get soemthing to absorb).

At the end of the day, the vitamen will never be as efficient as getting the nutrients straight from the source of fruits and vegetables, but it is better than nothing!

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Linda - posted on 11/08/2013




Try Vemma. Do the research, it is what I take and will never go back to GNC.

Linda - posted on 11/08/2013




I am just getting on circle of moms, I have no idea if this post will reach you. Try Verve it is an energy drink with a vitamin supplement inside. It is awesome!

Amanda - posted on 12/14/2010




I take an iron supplement because ever since my first child I have been anemic. Or however you spell it haha. But other than that I might take one of the kids flinestone vitamins now and than. I think the less energy thing is from the kids! I get jealous as to how much energy they have!!

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I don't take synthetic vitamins. I think they are a waste of money. Your body can't process the synthetic vitamins and they are really hard on your liver.The kind your body can break down, usually does it too quickly and you end up with an overload of one mineral or vitamin. Plus the ingredients that make them pill form are ridiculous. A lot of them have stuff like talc, sugar, pure gluten and glycerin making it hard for your body to process it. I just get more than enough vitamins and minerals out of what i eat. Why put something in your body you can't use, and in some cases can be harmful.

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I've used 1 a day vitamins since I can remember! When I was a kid we had the kids kind, when I reached 18 I had the young womens ones, while pregnant I used the pregnancy ones and now I use the regular one a day but with added vit C and D and iron as well as calcium.

Danielle - posted on 12/14/2010




My twins are 16 months and im still taking pre natals, im not pregnant, but there pretty mumch the same as a regular daily vitamin, but with all the extras intended for growing babies, they work out to great hair, skin and nails lol. If you feel like your lacking energy, really try to get in your 8 glasses of water. Most causes of fatigue are dehydration. And i know its hard, but try to get something in you for breakfast( i usually do instant oatmeal) and have a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning and move onto your coffee, the lemon and water kinda jumpstarts your system to breakdown your food into energy.

Heather - posted on 12/14/2010




I don't personally take them right now, but I do think it is important. My 1 year old takes his vitamins every day and I know myself and my husband should also take them. You don't always have the time to eat like you should, and vitamins will make up for what you miss during the day. Also they help prevent colds and little sicknesses.

September - posted on 12/14/2010




Our whole family takes a daily multi-vitamin. I've taken one as long as I can remember. There's nothing wrong with taking a daily vitamin regardless of age. Our son is 2 and takes a daily toddler multi-vitamin as well.

Heather - posted on 12/12/2010




Ever since I found out I was pregnant I've used vitamins. It became apart of my daily routine. Prenatels are good and are suggested for anyone of child bearing age. However I have switched over to a daily multi vitamin. I don't know that it has really helped my energy level any. But then again I dont want to quit taking them and find out. LOL! Vitamins are essentially good for anyone no matter the age.

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My parents used to make me take vitamins when I was little and bug me about them all the time. But I've started taking them daily since I'm preggers. With diets the way they are today, I see nothing wrong with a young woman taking vitamins. They are supplements to your diet. If they help, there's nothing wrong with it. Doesn't mean you're old or anything n.n

Chelsa M - posted on 12/12/2010




I did take a multivitamin from GNC (can't remember which one it was, but they were huge "horse pills" that I had to smash a knife into to break them apart so I could swallow them), but then my doctor told me to stop and prescribed me something else because the GNC one screwed up my iron levels (I think she gave me something called CitraNatal Assure).

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My mom, a nurse, actually gave me the orange and oreos! :)

a lot of foods actually are "incomplete" and need other things to absorb fully. Tofu is one, it is an "incomplete" protien and needs to be paired with fat, like olive oil, or cheese, to absorb properly in the body.

check out this website for vitamin basics. Are you currently nursing?

Brenda - posted on 12/12/2010




Wow Hanna Very helpful, so you are saying that some vitamins need from other sources to actually work? I didnt know that..And I would love to go to the doctor but I have no insurance, and pay 50dlls per a consultation, plus whatever the Test will cost,is just to much for me right I am reliaing on more natural your Orange and Oreos

Liz - posted on 12/12/2010




I try to take vitamins, but I usually end up forgetting about them during the bustle of the day. I stay at home with our two and a half year old b/g twins and five month old son while my husband works, so that is usually the last thing on my mind. But no, I don't think anyone is too young for vitamins.

Sarh - posted on 12/12/2010




I tried a One a Day vitamin before I became pregnant w/my son because I was working 3rd shift and I had at the time a 3 1/2yo. It made me sick. When I was pregnant w/both my son and daughter I took 2 Flinston's Vitamins.
If your lacking energy like I am w/a 6mo, almost 5 yo and lots of the time the fiancee is like another child. lol. Then no we are not too young for vitamins.

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