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Do you take your child to the doctors every years? Or when they are sick? My ex tells me I am a bad parent because I only take mine when my children are sick and need to go. If it aint broken dont fix it!


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Roxanne - posted on 11/05/2010




Sorry but by reading this SARH just seemed to repeat Brittany's helping note! Thanks Brittany Im sure we will all keep those ages in mind. I believe my doctor told me the same as you:) Thanks girl!!

Liz - posted on 11/03/2010




In my state (Washington) children aged 1 to 5 are seen once a year for a well child visit, also known as a checkup. During these visits they will receive shots. After that, it varies by state.

Other than well child checkups, I too only take my son in when something is wrong.

Angela - posted on 11/03/2010




My daughter goes in for a well visit every year (she's 2) and when there's something wrong with her.

Ashley - posted on 11/03/2010




everyone has their own opinions on it but my children have gone to every appointment for all needles so every 2-3 months and now that my oldest is done with her needles (she will be 3 on saturday) she will still be going once a year to check on her growing and such

Stifler's - posted on 11/02/2010




well they get immunisations and have ear aches and stuff when they're little so it seems like i'm always at the doctors. i think they just need checkups every year until they're 5. i didn't get checkups every year as a kid and I was fine.

[deleted account]

We rarely take my daughter. We go for all the required developmental check-ups and immunizations. But we usually let a fever or cold run it's course. The exception is a sore throat with polyps on the tonsils. I am very susceptible to strep and tonsillitis and so is my daughter. We believe that ant-biotics are overused and that will be bad for our society in the long run. Our doctor feels the same way. So we just let most illnesses run their course.

Elysia - posted on 11/02/2010




i only take them when they are sick and for immunisation and any necessary checks but they are usually done with the childhood nurse.

Megan - posted on 11/02/2010




My daughter only went to the doctor for her check ups when she was an infant. Her shots were given at a Health Clinic and they checked everything there. She had her last needles at 18 months and do not need anymore until she is 4 or 5. I have not taken her to the doctor and do not plan to take her unless needed. I do not recall going to the doctor for no reason when I was younger either.
Your ex is just being nit picky and looking for anything to complain about pretty much.

Laura - posted on 11/02/2010




my son is 20 months old, and I asked the doctor when the next time he needs to have an appointment, since he's done his needles until school time. The doctor said that he likes to see them some time between the age of 2-3, so he remembers who they are, but really other than that there are no necessary appointments. I think going once a year would be a good idea, also so the kids don't assosciate the doctor as a bad place, or a place only when they are sick.

Kelina - posted on 11/02/2010




I'm honestly not sure but my son is almost two and has never been to a doctor. He got his vaccines thoruhg the health clinic, and i've never seen the need to take him to his doctor. He's never been sick enough for me to have to take him, and i figure if he doesn't need to go why take him?

Phylicia - posted on 11/02/2010




I've been told your suppose to bring them every year till they go to school because they need to be checked for growth deficiencies other than shots and check ups there's no real need. I don't ever remember going to the doctor besides when i was really sick

Sarah - posted on 11/02/2010




Actually the vaccinations run through your adulthood years, so well check-ups are still important all the way through life. Not every year will they need shots, but there are boosters they will need through their teen years. If you don't get the booster shots then you put your child at risk for getting those diseases. Well check-ups are not only for vaccinations though. The doctor will check to make sure they are growing and developing at a good rate. As kids get older sometimes this is less a need, but then again the body goes through many changes in the preteen and teen years that just having that check-up is a good thing. In their teen years if your children wants to play sports they must have yearly check-ups to be eligiable for participating in sports. Here is my thought and well check-ups.....they are not a need more of a prevention. They are designed to make sure your child stays healthy as they grow. My kids are 12 and 9 yrs and we have only been to the doc for well check-ups, which now they go yearly. We have never needed to go to the doc. due to sickness (knock on wood). Many insurance plans will also cover 100% the well check-ups, so why not use the service?

September - posted on 11/02/2010




We take our son to his well baby check up's once a year and when he's ill. Our son is 2.

Rachel - posted on 11/02/2010




The immunization schedule varies from country to country, and I think even from state to state. My son was definitely not done by 18 months. He had about 10 the first year, and a couple every year since. He just had his last ones at age 5.

Bonnie - posted on 11/02/2010




I was told by my doctors that they go for checkups when they need their immunizations, so once that is up to date by 18 months, there is no need to take them unless something is wrong. Then there is another immunization that they need between 4 and 6 years of age.

Denise - posted on 11/02/2010




I didnt have an attittude, I did mention their age in another post I made on here. I was saying I didnt think I was clear in what I meant for the question. I think that maybe you took that the wrong way.

Sarh - posted on 11/02/2010




Just to let you know Denise, you did not state the age of your children in your original question so I'm not sure as to why you got an attitude. Not all people read through all of the replies on the original question. (At least while reading it that is how I read it.)

Here is the check-up "schedule".

Infantcy- 2-3days old, 2 weeks, 1 month, 4months, 6months, 9months, 12 months.

Early Childhood- 15months, 18months, 24 months, 3yrs, 4yrs, 5yrs.

6yrs old and older- Every 2yrs!

Other then that, just when they are sick. I wouldn't say you are a bad parent for doing it the way you do, but I would follow the "schedule". I personally stick to the schedule, my insurance is through the state and other wise sends me reminders when they see that my children have not been in. But like the "schedule" I put above neither of yours will need yearly visits soon.

Denise - posted on 11/01/2010




As I said my kids are 4 and 5, my 4 year old only has the kindergarden shot left. I am talking about yearly check ups just because I guess I wasnt being very clear on that part of what I was asking.

Rachel - posted on 11/01/2010




I agree with Brittany. Children up to about 5 need to see the doctor each year to get their immunizations (if you do that), and to get a "well-baby" check-up to make sure they're growing properly and their eyes, ears, motor skills, verbal skills, etc... are all in the norm. My son just turned six and he's been to the doctor every year around his birthday, but at this point I don't think he'll be going anymore unless he's sick or injured.

Jennifer - posted on 11/01/2010




my son still has to have check-ups (he just turned 2), but my daughter (almost 4) only goes when she is sick. a lesson i've learned? if you take a healthy child to the pediatrician, you return in a few days with a sick child. LOL!

Carolyn - posted on 11/01/2010




my son has had is after birth doc appointment and thats it. he gets checked over for weight and growth at his vaccinations which are done at a clinic affiliated with my doctors health network.

Candace - posted on 11/01/2010




My son is only six months so he's still seeing his doctor every two months, unless he gets sick in between the visits

Denise - posted on 11/01/2010




My kids are 4 and almost 6. I do take them if there is something wrong never for no reason. I have had a couple friends told not to bring their kids in just because to only bring them in if something is wrong.

[deleted account]

Children between 2 and 6 should see a doctor at least once a year for a wellness check. They can get their shots and catch anything thing that might be wrong early. Under two they should got 1 week, 1 month, 2 month, 4 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, 15 month (depending on the type of shots given), 18 month (if not in the 15th), and at 2.

I believe that once they enter school that other than for shots they only really need to see the doctor when they are sick... unless there are other reasons, such as weight issues, developmental issues... etc.

Katie - posted on 11/01/2010




How old is your kid? Growing up we would only go when we were sick and so that really was never lol I am perfectly healthy. Just because you don't take your kid to the doctor once a year does not make you a bad mother at all!! He is prolly just trying to look for anything to bring you down and that is all he came up with

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