Does anyone give their babies Miralax to help with constipation problems?

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My daughter just turned 15 months old. Ever since we switched her to whole milk at a year old, she has had nothing but problems. She is not the best eater, so she is not eating fruits like she should (which would help her problem!) She was so constipated that she would go days without pooping and then when she did, she was in so much pain that she would scream and cry. So awful! I called the doctor and he said to put a spoonful of Miralax in her bottle each night. I was doing that every other night, but it still was not helping her. Now I give it to her every night and she is finally on a good schedule and is no longer having problems. I was just wondering if any of you have had similar problems with your children and if you used Miralax? If so, do you think it is ok to be giving it to her every night?


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i've never used it but what my doctor told me to do for my daughter (3 mos) is to put a tablespoon of karo syrup in 4 oz of water and have her drink that and it worked miracles so if you're worried about medication i would suggest the karo syrup because it's natural

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my son is 4 now but started using it when he was about 2. i used to be afraid to give it to him because he seemed sooo small. it didnt always help. i would give it to her everyday unless you notice that she is getting diarhea. he still takes it everyday becuase he doesnt eat a ton of foods with fiber in them. so i was scared at first but i realized that its ok on his system and he works for him.

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