Does anyone know anything about tomato allergies in children?


Ddd - posted on 09/09/2012




the reason is actually an allergy, I have no clue where Laura Walsh has gotten the Idea that most food sensitivity are not allergies, this simply is not true. An allergic response is a process the body undergoes in reaction to a chemical stimulant that activates the innate or acquired immune systems, this includes complement, antibodies, and associated immune cells B , and T-cells as well as macrophages, plasma cells and so on.

The reaction to the tomato is due to the chemical of the nightshades which contains solanine in some form in this case tomatine (tomatoes) or as solanine in green potatoes. They also contain nicotine which has synergistic action with solanine, stimulating the production of acetylcholine (whereas solanine inhibits it). Therefore some people may be allergic to tomatoes, but fine with other nightshades.

This is an allergy as it amounts to an immune response, all sensitivities are allergies

hope that helps

- Degree Biochemist, Biologist in Canada-

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i looked this up actually and its not a REAL allergy...its actually the acid in the tomatos.

the tomato give rashes because the acid is TOO MUCH ...COOKED tomato is less acidic

if you go to wholesomebabyfoods .com they will tell you that tomato before the age of 2 is best given cooked...that too much raw will cause a rash due to the acid in fact that a tomato allergy is actually VERY RARE!

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my daughter (it took me forever to figure it out too!!) is allergic to RAW tomatoes, something in their makeup changes when they are cooked and doesnt cause the hives and splotches, but if raw tomato juice gets on a burger even, and the slice is removed,m she will have to have benadryl. however it is very weird, bc she eats pizza, chili, spaghetti and all those other things that have tomatoes, however if its like straight mariniara and cheese sticks, and she eats too much, it will cause her to puke, ive leanred through trial and error, and messy cleanup! its weird, i even had a doctor tell me that theres NO way shes only allergic to raw and not canned, but thats BS, bc i know and have seen it w my own eyes!!!

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I know you asked about tomato allergies, but I thought my  then toddler was allergic to tomatos, but it turned out to be that she is allergic to canned tomato sauce. At first I thought it was all tomato products and tomatos themselves, but it turned out to be the preservatives in the canned sauce that would cause her to break out in hives. Now we just make our own tomato sauce and she is fine.

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Its actually a sensitivity not an allergy.... Too many people dont realize true food allergies are rare. Theyre sensitivities...calamine can help with calming the itching or hives.

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when my daughter was a year old she loved tomatoes. and that summer she was constantly eating them out of my mother's garden. we didn't think anything of it because they're good for you right? well one day i went to change her poopy diaper and she was BLISERED all over her diaper area from the acid in the tomatoes. she also had a rash on her chest and back. i called the dr and she confirmed it probably wasn't an allergy just an overdose i guess. who woulda thought? but anyway she recomended giving her a bath with baking soda for the rash and the blisters. she was fine the next day. but i had to stop letting her eat them for a week. then slowly let her have only one a day. what did your dr say about it?

Emily - posted on 01/23/2009




My niece use to have allergic reactions to anything red...she couldn't eat berries, tomatos, etc... She would brake out into hives and be so itchy, but she eventually grew out of it and now she has no reaction to any of those foods.

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Quoting Cat:

Does anyone know anything about tomato allergies in children?


My fiancee is allergic to tomatoes and so is my 4 year old daughter. All I really know about it is it's certainly very seldom severe, and the reactions are itching, red splotches on the face and neck. In the more severe cases the tomatoes cause hives.

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