Does anyone without health insurance know approx. how much drs. Charge to have mirena removed? Also anyone have issues after removal??


User - posted on 01/17/2013




I dont have ins. I dont know how much it would be, I know that each doctors office prices are different though. If you just call the office they should tell you what the price would be, including the office visit and stuff, Ive called before to check before I make an appt., I know the mirena itself runs about 1500 itself, not including the insertion, but I am sure that the removal will not be nearly that much.
I looked into getting the mirena at one point and decided not to because I read there was a chance of not being about to get pregnant after having one. I dont think its super common or anything but youd have to look up the %. I also had a friend who had one removed and they had not problemd, just had to take a tylenol before the appt.

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