does anyones child have what is called pidd or di george syndrome? if so let me know.


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Elizabeth - posted on 09/30/2009




Okay, yeah i had alot of learning problems back in school, i barely graduated, i have had nearly 15 surgeries in my whole life time so far. I am in the hospital at least 2 or 3 times for my asthma. My son has some of the same problems as me but he is only 2 and has had a feeding tube, his immune system is really low, cant be around anyone who is sick...

Alli - posted on 09/29/2009




Hi my niece has the condition di george syndrome, she is doing so well she will be 5 next month, the doctors told my sister in law that she would never talk or even walk, but now she can walk and about a year ago she started to talk before that she had learned sign language, hope all is well

Linde - posted on 09/28/2009




I just read a post from another mom asking about this particular syndrome in the "moms of kids with heart defects" community. We are waiting on results for cat eye syndrome and hirschhorn-wolf syndrome.

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