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I have been with my boyfriend (child's father) for 4 years and we had a child obv! But soon as they started to get older i got fond of having a another child around, however things haven't been so good as we have had many arguements due to myself but anyways i asked if we could extend the family he went mental!!! He said were still young hes 24 i just turn 21 why the rush so i respected his wishes i found him talking to other girls nothing serious chucked him out then he was truly sorry so forgive him before all this we uses to have sex and he would pull out however i stopped taking my birth control pills due to health reasons then he knew from then on as i said clearly to him im not taking any form of birth control he agreed!! And won't take non again!! Recently he has been ejulating inside me everytime without fail theres not once he pulled out? Why has he changed his mind or is he just a fool??!


April - posted on 11/12/2013




When a guy isn't cautious about the consequences they don't realize what they are doing and how it will effect the future, he's just thinking in the moment. He probably forgot you're not on your pills. Guys are dumb like that sometimes.

Just remind him that if he continuous what he is doing then you may fall pregnant. He wouldn't of just suddenly changed his mind without discussing it with you first. You have to talk to him. The last thing you need is to be pregnant and him resenting you for being that way. Just talk. Warn him. If he did change his mind then at least you know. Good luck! :)

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