Does this happen to you?

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My son had a Doctor's appointment today and I took him down in the pram as I don't yet have my restricted licence.

The reception area was full. It wasn't till somebody saw I was struggling to get my pram through the door that someone one got up to help me.

I don't mean to complain, I just thought that it was common courtesy to open the door when you saw a parent with a pram (or and elderly person with walking stick/frame) as I have held the door open on many occaisions.


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Lauran - posted on 04/23/2009




I know what you mean. The first couple of times I was out by myself and had the baby in the stroller, I couldn't believe the fact that people could see me struggling to get in the door, and no help. I've even had people just rush past me because they didn't feel like waiting behind me as I struggled to get through the door with my stroller. Now...I don't even expect anyone to help, and on the crazy occasion it does happen I smile, say 'thank you' and am on my way.

Brenda - posted on 04/23/2009




If my husband had been there he would have been on it in a heartbeat. He's very much into doing the chivalrous thing, which I'm glad my son gets to see. He is always opening doors for ladies with babies, or just women in general, they don't even have to have a pram or a baby. I try to help when I see someone like that too. I mean, come on, it only takes a second.

I've had my son in a stroller and trying to get in those dumb department store doors on sevearl occasions and sometimes people just look at you and you think they are thinking "oh is she gonna get it, is she gonna get stuck, or look at that woman she should have left the brat at home" and just stand there...

Emily - posted on 04/23/2009




I've noticed that people are all about holding doors for me when I'm pregnant but once the baby is here they pretend not to notice. That's when I need the help dragging a 10 lb diaper bag, the baby, possible carseat, and sometimes a toddler along. It's annoying.

Amie - posted on 04/23/2009




Where I live it's kind of hit or miss. I went to my doctor's office with my newborn the week before for her 2 week check up. Some lady walked right by me whilst I was carrying her carseat, diaper bag and my purse. She walked through the door and I thought she'd hold it open for me since she came breezing by so quick to get around me. She let the door close behind her! So I opened and said Thank you I just love it when people remember their manners! It's just common courtesy. I hold open the door for people behind me no matter their age or if they have kids with them or not. Most are nice and say thank you but some just look at me like I have two heads. Or when I go somewhere and order something (especially my timmie's coffee) I always say please and thank you. I don't know how many times I've gotten a shocked look then they smile at me and say Your welcome! It's pretty sad that society is going so far downhill people are surprised when you extend them just the simplest of courtesies and use your manners.

Jamie - posted on 04/23/2009




People are jsut rude and pathetic these days. To few people take pride in themselves and others anymore. I mean go to any fast food place and its horrible, its like they dont care about thier work. Then dang it give your job to someone that wants to work and will do the job right. I mean is it that much trouble to open a stupid door, no but people are lazy and rude, ugh this irritates me.

Sarah - posted on 04/23/2009




I hated it when that used to happen to me. People seem much ruder than they used to. I was brought up with common coutesy and always help if i see someone struggling with anything whether its a buggy or unable to reach things in shops. If i was left struggling with the buggy and there were people nearby who just watched i used to say sarcastically thanks for helping i hope someone does the same for you one day

Michelle - posted on 04/23/2009




That happens to me every time i go to our local shop, i always struggle to getout the door and the shop assistant just stays stood behind the counter watchin the tele even if she/he has no other customers, it drives me mad. I think its so rude.

[deleted account]

I hear you. Im not sure wlive, but here in South africa that is vcommo seems like people think to themselves by holding a door open. Then we try to teach our children the right way to be kind and helpful. Then some rude person doer to show them the better way. Only if we could put a s them for some manners, Im sure the world would be a better place.

[deleted account]

I had that happen at a child's party!!! I had to go up the front steps to get inside and down the back steps to get to where the party was. There was about five ladies sitting around in chairs and not one of them helped me...I turned around and told them not to look to me if they need help with their kids...I have had this happen from other people when out shopping but never thought it would happen at a childrens party where all the mothers have probably been through it before.

Sadie - posted on 04/23/2009




i get that all the time on busses some wont stop as i have a pram even tho they arent full. i hate it when ppl dont open the doors for u if ur stuggling. its happened since i have had my son. on busses some dont even lower the front for u could get the pram on. and one day i was getting of the bus and my front wheel got caught in between the bus and the kirb and no one helped in the end i had to get of the bus first to release the trapped wheel then push the rest off. on one bus i got i had to pay a for two tickets as i had a pram even tho it was only me and my son. i also hate it when ppl in the town centre think they own the street and just stop all of a sudden and u end up clipping their legs as u pass and get evils from them i turned round and said "well thats what u get for suddenly stopping in the middle of the pathway"

Heather - posted on 04/22/2009




I hear ya!

On the past weekend, I commented to someone who walked through the mall entrance before me, and let the door slam in my face, I said "that was awfully rude of you, if you were behind me I would have held the door for you"! The rude person was speechless.

I had to say something, I'm sick of rude, inconsiderate, and ignorant people, I don't know what happened to common courtesy!

[deleted account]

The first time I took my son this morning, There were two people right beside the door and I had my son facing me in the pram, as I tried to get throught the door, the door knocked the side of my pram and I was embarrased.

I went back 20 mins ago to drop something back in and the second time I started to struggle, I recieved help.

When you catch buses, you are ment to give up your seat for the elderly and parents with prams.

Jacy- that would have pissed me off!

Jacy - posted on 04/22/2009




i have had that happen but with me i had to take my baby down a flight of stairs in her stroller because the elevator was broken. a man just watched me go down and when i past him i said i guess chivalry is dead you jerk!. i like you do my part to help others and hold doors and reach things that others cant.

Becky - posted on 04/22/2009




You know I try to teach my children that very thing and I think for the most part they are getting it but when I was teaching ettiquite to my 5&6 grade class at church not one of them knew they should open a door.

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