don't know what to do ne more

Stephanie - posted on 07/08/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )



1 sons's now 3, he's gone on the potty once when he was 18 months old.....he tried to go occationally, but sometime we think it's just a way for him to get out of doing somethin, like going to bed. He doesn't even fit in diaper nemore so he's permantly in pull ups until he's completely trained. I don't know what else to do but we need to get him trained and suggestions?


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Shannon - posted on 07/08/2009




it's harder w/boys because they don't mind feeling gross, 1st put undies under his pull ups so he can feel the mess better. then get a box of cheerios for the bathroom, throw a few in and tell him to hit one. it will be like a game for him. then when he goes make a big deal out of it maybe get him a reward like stickers or something

Natasha - posted on 07/08/2009




Don't know what you have tried.

Tell him one week in advance, no more pull ups in 7 days (have a count down sheet), do this every day. Then put him in big boy undies let him pick them out, no more pull ups. Take him to the toilet before bed, telling him that he doesn't want to ruin his big boy undies. For the first couple of days i would suggest staying home, take him to the toilet every 3 hours, and after he eats or drinks. Everytime he goes he gets a reward (star chart, lolly, trinket whatever you comfortable with). If he has an accident, don't scold him, Tell him that when he need to go he has to tell you otherwise this will happen, make him help you clean himself up.

Hope it helps.

Robin - posted on 07/08/2009




When my son was 3 it was summer and I would just let him be outside naked! lol He would be more aware about what was going on and I would just keep the potty around him all the time. Most boys tend to be 3 when they get potty trained, girls are usually 2 but don't sweat it, it will happen soon.

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