Don't know what to do with stepson?

Becca - posted on 09/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, I have a 8 year old step son who lives with me & his father & younger sister. Any way he's had problems (not going into too much detail but he has adhd) he's always had behaviour issues and has never really liked to listen to me or bond with me although I've tried so many times, I have been in his life 7 years yet I feel like he hates me! I can understand as he feels I took his dad away from his mum although that's not the case she had already moved out when I met his father. Anyway we've not long found put we are expecting another baby, now ever since we've told him this he's been extremely violent towards me, kicking me, slapping me, throwing things at me etc... he's quite a strong boy and he's had me in tears no end of times he's actually told me he doesn't care about the baby and it makes me wonder is that the reason he's trying to hurt me to hurt the baby. His dad is aware and we've gave him punishment etc (being grounded & having privileges took away) but he still doesn't care. Sometimes I just feel to take our daughter and unborn child and live some where else away from him as I'm getting quite resentful towards him. I can't look at him in the same way as some of the things he says and does to me really hurts. I'm stuck on what to do, not only am I concerned for my child's safety I'm also concerned on their genral well being. Has anyone else dealt with a violent 8 year old, how do I handle this. Can I add I'm his prime carer his dad works all day & his mom ain't around.


Carolina - posted on 09/15/2014




Becca, congratulations! I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.
Have you thought about him seeing a therapist? It might not be anything against you. He might be scared that another mom might leave him and his dad again and is lashing out.
I would talk to a professional and get a plan of action.

You could also try doing his favorite things with him, just you and him. No pressure just you two doing something for him.

I wish you so much luck with this.

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