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I wanted to know did I overreact; I am five months next week and I heard that someone was talking about me bad and its my friend's husband. So, I told my ex who told me what he said and my friend that, my ex or her husband couldn't hang out anymore. They went out two days later behind my back, and I snapped. Then it turns out my ex talked about me too and by the things he said to my friend's husband he can't stand my guts. I left my boyfriend alone(EX) and now I'm stuck in drama because her and her husband live in my apartment building. We are no longer friends of course she took her husband's side. Am I wrong?


Jamie - posted on 09/02/2009




Ok so gonna make sure I got this right. Your ex wasnt your ex until he was talking ba about you. So when the trash was being talked he was your man. Not sure it makes a difference but either way, hes not your property so you cant tell him who he can and cant hang out with. You can tell him you would prefer he didnt hang with him but cant demand it. If hes talking crap stay away from him. If your ex was talking crap and not defending you then glad hes an ex.

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