Drink water, dont do that, do this,

Mimi - posted on 10/15/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My husband everyday tells me drink more water, don't drink coffee or soda. You need to stop doing this and that and do this. He doesnt understand you dont just change life long habits overnight. Anybody else have this problem?


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Mellody - posted on 10/15/2009




I know it's annoying, but i think your husband is only trying to help. If you are expecting, its probably best not to be drinking it anyways. Im not saying do everything he says and stop drinking it all together. but knowing its better for your baby should be a big motivation to drink more water and juices.

it was hard for me too, and i always had pop or coffee, i cheated and had mroe than the "allowed" one a day. but always made sure to drink aleast 2 cups of water to each cup of pop or coffee.

maybe telling your husband exactly how you feel about what he's doing will help. tell him its annoying to have him on your back about it all the time & tell him you know hes only trying to help ( wether you believe it ot not - white lies never hurt anyone lol) and maybe he'll back off Just ask him to help in another - less irritating way.

i did the same thing to my mum, she was always saying she wished she could drink less coffee and more water like i do, and she never did anything about it, so everytime i saw her get a cup id say something, it got on her nevers quick, so instead everytime she got a cup, id get a cup of water and put it in front of her, she never drank the whole cup, but it got her drinking more than she usually would.

Annoying as it was it was for her health.. i really think your husband is only trying to help you and keep that little baby healthy.

good luck though, whatever you decide to do. :) Take care!

Iysha - posted on 10/15/2009




Ha! I had that problem when I was pregnant. he would get a big glass of soda and would be like, "ar you thirsty?" I would say I was and he would get me some water. It was horrible. I hated it. I was supposed to be healthier "for the baby." I was like, it isn't like I am eating bananna cream pie every night... let me have a glass of coke!! lol

Now, he doesn't care what I eat/ drink...I told him I'm getting fat (I weigh the same as I did before I got pregnant, but weighed less when I was pregnant) and he just says he knows. lol. When I was pregnant, Nobody could tell for the first 6 months but HE looked pregnant. Now, he lost 20 pounds and I gained 10.

Katarina - posted on 10/15/2009




I agree with Stephanie. My husband is on me to get back to my Pre-baby size yet he isn't willing to change his eating habits. He's also more unhealthy then I am.

Stephanie - posted on 10/15/2009




I agree with Jessica; although my husband has been on me more with baby #2 than baby #1- i either ignore him or tell him he needs to do the same thing (he is far less healthy than I am) good luck!!

Ashley - posted on 10/15/2009




No, my husband doesn't do that...he knows better...BUT, if you want to quit that, pretending you have a stomach ulcer will help. I know it sounds weird...

But, last spring, I was diagnosed with an ulcer...if I wanted it to get better, I had to cut all caffeine (including coffee, soda, tea, and [ugh] chocolate), alcohol, greasy or food with spices. Having an ulcer hurts, so I cut off my ties to my food and drink loves. When my ulcer healed, I found out I was pregnant, so not drinking anything with caffiene was easy for me!

If you don't want to quit, then don't. I'm sure he isn't Mr. Perfect, and some things he does may not agree with what you would do. Tell him that you wear big girl panties and what you want to do is what you will do. I mean, not drinking any water at all isn't healthy, but a soda or coffee once or twice a day won't kill you.

Good luck!

Jessica - posted on 10/15/2009




no, thankfully, but if my hubby did that to me I'd bite his head off...

Don't worry, even though it's a bit annoying, you'll get through it. Just keep up what your doing. It can take a while to ween yourself from caffeine to avoid the headaches from withdrawals. Try drinking tea, it has less caffeine than coffee. Good Luck!!

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