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Crystal - posted on 05/07/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My youngest son has to have tubes put in his ears in a few days.....anyone that has gone through this have any advice or tips about the tubes?


Jessica - posted on 05/07/2009




My daughter got tubes put in about 2 months ago. The ear infections are finally gone, thank god, and I am completely convinced she can hear so much better. She is talking and singing so much more than she did before. The doctor's main concern is not getting water in the ears, but other than that there is no big upkeep or anything. Plus, if they do get ear infections with the tubes you just use prescription ear drops and don't have to deal with oral antibiotics. Procedure lasted about 10 minutes and within 30 minutes we were out the door and on the way home.


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Morag - posted on 05/08/2009




My daughter had these in when she was 2.5 years old, she had permenent ear infections and her ears would bleed, leak gooy stuff. She was also diagnosed with 90% hearing loss and couldn't speak. She cried and screamed and held her ears after the op, but it was short lived. After that she improved everyday, has never had an ear infection since and shes nearly 10 and can hear and speak well now although she still has speech threarpy. The tubes eventually drop out a few years later, don't worry just keep a check on them.

Amie - posted on 05/07/2009




My two oldest have tubes. They each reacted differently to them.
My daughter woke up screaming and crying.
My son woke up and asked for food.
So every child will react differently. It is a simple surgery as Jamie said and from the time your child leaves you until you get to see him again is roughly 15 minutes. Everything else the mom's have said I agree with.
However here is one thing I was never told... ear infections, though rare, can still happen. My daughter did this after having hers for about a year. But since she had the tubes the infection drained itself. This drainage included blood, so needless to say I was more than a little freaked out about it. But after a trip to the ER and the all clear and only then having it explained was I feeling better. Pissed that no one had told me sooner but glad she was ok. =)

Jamie - posted on 05/07/2009




I think they are wonderful. My daughter had ear infections tubes got put in at 18 months, she will be 4 in 2 weeks and not an ear infection since. My son had his first set put in at 18 months then his adnoides at 20 months, no ear infections until about 4 months ago when one tube fell out, he just had them replaced last week. I am 26 and have tubes in my ears so I will stand by them. Just be sure to watch getting water in their ears, if you do baths switch to showers, this prevents any possible dirty water getting in the canal. Its a very simple surgery, no IV and they are done in like 5 mins. More than likely you will have new child after the tubes, i know my son was much happier and playful cause he wasnt sick all the time. Ever since he got this 2nd set of tubes he hasnt stopped talking which is wonderful.

Brandi - posted on 05/07/2009




My youngest has tubes put in her ears. It has really helped with ear infections. Just make sure u plug up the ears with a cotton ball till the drops r done. (They failed to tell me I could quit doing that when the drops were done!)

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