Ectopic Pregnancy... Need advice...

Leaha - posted on 05/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has had an ectopic pregnancy before? I was told last friday when I went to my OB/GYN for severe cramping and irregular bleeding, that I was pregnant, but I was in the ER monday night because I was bleeding and I was told it was an ectopic pregnancy. So the pregnancy had to be medically terminated. I was given a shot of Methotrexate, which apparently is a fairly new way of treating ectopic pregnancies, to avoid surgery. I've been told Methotrexate is a chemo drug, that will attack the cells and stop them from dividing any further so that the pregnancy can pass with no injury to my fallopian tube. I was told that I would have extreme pain and that I would need to be off work for a week and be on bed rest. Well, I feel okay, having PCOS, I'm used to the severe pain and cramping and heavy bleeding and clotting that comes with it. So, I'm not sure what to expect. I want to go back to work, laying around home just gives me time to think about what's happened and if I'm at work, I don't have time to think about what I've lost... Will I have more pain? How will I know if I've passed the embryo? Will I ever stop bleeding? I have an appointment with my OB/GYN for follow up on friday, but it would just be nice to hear from someone who has been through it too. This is my first miss-carriage and I feel like it's something I did. What's hard too, is I was on BC to regulate my periods again before going back on Chlomid to try and conceive. So this pregnancy happened on its own, I'm just so confused and lost....


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i had an ectopic pregnancy after two miscarriages. the doctor misdiagnosed it and i bled for four weeks before they found my pregnancy. they had to take my right tube in an emergency surgery. i stopped bleeding a few days after and have since had one son and a set of twins. dont get discouraged, it will happen.

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In 2005, i also had an ectopic pregnancy and was given Methotrexate, i was ordered to go back every other day to the ob/gyn to monitor my hormone levels. My levels were not dropping, but they were not rising either so the ob was confident that it was working, I went 3 weeks seeing tho ob less often as time passed. One night my cramping got very severe and i went to the er. I was sent home and told to return in the morning for x-rays. I was in severe pain all night and returned in the morning, upon x-ray i was rushed to surgery because my tube had burst, and was fused to my intestines. That is what was causing the pain. I had my tube removed and recovered fine with the promise that i would still be able to become pregnant. And about 6 months later i did!

It did take a little bit of time to recover from my surgery but i have no long term effects.

To answer your question about the medication, it made me feel ill for a couple of days following it, but other than that i suffered no pain. I did return to a normal lifestyle within days. I think it is safe to say that if u feel well enough to return then you should. But i wouldn't do anything too strenuous. You know your body and what u can handle.


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