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My daughter has serious eczema. The creams and oral steroids don't seem to help. I have changed our detergents to dye-free and perfume-free. I have have switched all bath items to Aveeno products and recently switched to a pro-biotic soap from the natrual food store.

Upon my visit to the natural food store, a nutritionist said that I needed to address my daughter's diet. Take out all yeast products and sugars. Goodbye string cheese and goldfish crackers! No more peanut butter sandwiches! I can't quite remove all of these things but I will monitor how much she eats. Thankfully she enjoys rice cakes.

I just don't know if I'm doing the right things. Her pediatrician hasn't helped much in the way of medicine.

Does anyone have some suggestions or experienced the same issues?


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Misty - posted on 07/22/2009




The diet changes can absolutely help. My son had eczema horribly on his legs and being here in DRY Colorado didn't help at ALL. I tried all the recommended over the counter remedies because I refused to put steroids on an infant... and none of them worked- and they were disgustingly messy!!!! I also tried Aveeno, like you have done, and bought soap-free baby wash, bathed him quickly in cool water- not hot, and still... no resolution. It got a little better... but it was still there. I learned that, especially with laundry detergent, even the dye-free and perfume-free still have chemicals in them that can be irritating to the skin... so I actually switched to a natural, chemical free detergent that has made a HUGE difference. My friend heard about my son's eczema and introduced me to a company called Melaleuca that she had been shopping from for awhile. I started using some of their products including a lotion called Renew that is made to help eczema, and he no longer breaks out... he does't get it at ALL. Not even in the dryest part of the winter... it's been amazing. Absolutely priceless for me not to have to watch him suffer anymore. I definitely recommend checking out that company- they have other stuff too- they do all green products so it's good to know about anyways- as a mom especially! Email me ( or send me a Private Message and I'll tell you more about it. :) Good luck!

Jamie - posted on 07/21/2009




I have a friend whose little girl has had it since she was wbout 3 weeks old (5 now) and they found out that she is allergic to dairy and it has made a big difference. I have also read and heard that if you add 1/2 cup of bleach to their bath water twice a week it will help. I don't have personal experience just what I have researched and seen.

Jessica - posted on 07/21/2009




My son had terrible eczema from 3 months too 2 years. I found that hydrocortisone worked really well with him. Changing his diet didn't change a thing for him. I just made sure to give him cool baths when he was having flare ups,and putting the hydrocortisone on him when he was done. A lot of those prescribed medications can cause the eczema to get really dry, which makes them want to scratch, then it opens up the skin, and they are misserable. So if the medicine isn't working, I suggest to stop using them. A little vaseline can also help out with dry skin.

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