eczema in diaper???

AMANDA - posted on 07/28/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




My son just got his first "diaper rash" the other day...he is 13 mths old and at first the desitin exra strength kicked it. A few days later it came back! I change my son often and even tryed letting him run around with nothing on! He does have eczema and im starting to wonder if maybe thats what his "diaper rash" is.....Anyone have a child with eczema in the diaper area? If so what did u use to treat it with?


Carrie - posted on 07/29/2010




This may sound crazy but when my son was a baby and he got diaper rashes my mom would tell me to just buy some plain yogurt and apply it to his bottom with a cotton ball. It works wonders. Especially if it a yeast based rash but will work for most diaper rashes.

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I just wanted to add, Bag Balm works wonders for diaper rash and like others have said, A&D ointment.

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My daughter has the same problem. Its on her butt cheeks and up her back. I took her to the er one night cuz it busted open and was putting off fluid so i took her to get something to prevent infection, they said they had no clue what it could be. :-/ I knew what it was just by looking at it cuz i have it at times covering my entire lower arms the backs of my knees and my tummy at times, and my son has it on his back. So i said ok whatever then at her check up the dr said yes its eczema, and gave me some prescription cream. But that may not always work. Creams make mine and my sons worse. We use just calomine lotion. We dab it on with a cotton ball where the entire area is pink, and it helps sooth it alot. My hubbys neice has it covering her from head to toe and they went 4 years overlooking me suggesting calomine lotion, then finally last week they decided to try it after 4 years of failed attempts, and it is clearing up more and more each day. Also, dont put onsies or shorts where he can get to it to scratch it. I have to keep the house cool and put either sleepers or one peice outfits that there is no way for her to get to the diaper area. Hope this helps

Danielle - posted on 07/28/2010




My son has baby eczema too and I can tell you eczema doesn't typically appear on their bottoms. When my son had his first diaper rash (at about 10 months) I took him to the doctor because his eczema prescription wasn't helping and my doctor said it wasn't working because it wasn't eczema on his bum, it was a diaper rash. He gave me a prescription strength cream for his bottom. It cleared up and no problems since.


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Katy - posted on 08/22/2014




We have not experienced the eczema in the diaper area but our LO has had diaper rash. To help with the eczema on the rest of the body though putting our daughter in a sleep sack was the best thing we could have done! We use the zipadee zip and it has helped her to not scratch her skin while sleeping. They can even wear it at other times bc they can move around in it. It awesome! Hope his rash clears!

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My friend's son would get really bad rashes and they were yeast infections. I would suggest taking him to the Dr's so they can find out if he needs to be taking antibiotics or anything. Hope that helps,and I hope he's not too miserable. That would be a huuuuge bummer to have a rash on your bum. lol.

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DD had a rash like that and the doc said it was yeast-based. She prescribed clomitrazole which can be found over the counter in a lesser strength form as lotrimin. It's an anti-fungal creme. I would say stop the desitin, I found for whatever reason with my daughter that it made it worse (why i have no clue). I would say wash his butt with warm water, let it air dry, and purchase some over the counter hydrocortisone and see if that helps. In the mean time call the doc and tell them what's going on and see what they recommend. I called about using her eczema ointments and because of my description of the rash the doc wanted to see her.

Here are a few links that show ways of treating diaper rash, and the bottom two links show a yeast diaper rash and the other regular diaper rash. Hope this helps and your little one gets better!

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could he be teething? My 14 month old has just starting getting his back teeth in and he gets really bad nappy rash when he teething. just a thought.

hope you get it sorted, it cant be much fun for the little guy! xxx

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Yes eczema will most likely not appear on the bum but more in the folds where friction is caused by the diaper rubbing. If there is a rash on the bum then it's just a diaper rash, use zinc or corn starch.

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I used to work in daycare for years and have known some kids who did have eczema in their diaper also. The parents would used prescribed cream for it. But if it isn't eczema and is causing your son pain I would ask his doctor about a stronger cream. My son has had some bad diaper rashes before and prescribed cream has worked wonders!

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My oldest (now 4) has had an eczema type rash in her diaper area off and on since she was 2 days old! we apply the hydrocodizone and a&d ointment (mixed together) and it starts to work over night by the next day she's all better! if that doesn't work I'd ask your Doc about stuff!

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I was reading in a book called "the baby bond" and she posists that it could be related to milk protein allergy. I assume since your son is 13 months you might have recently started him on cows milk. Our son is only 7months and still breast feeding but had a rash until I quit drinking milk in my diet. Hope this helps.

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My son has eczema and had it really bad in his diaper before he was potty trained. My doc prescribed lots of different things unlit finally one worked, Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment. It's fairly inexpensive but is very effective for him, it doesn't work for me though. But if this is the first time he has had this problem, think of anything new you have put on his butt (soaps, different diapers, cleaners you use on his changing area, etc). With my son it was bad in the summer and I think it was mainly the heat and sweat in his diaper.

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