EDD vs Actual Delivery Date... did you attempt any at home induction methods?

Mashalle - posted on 12/08/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm just curious what some of your Estimated Due Dates were vs your actual due dates. Did any of you use any at home induction methods (ie., tea, caster oil, etc.)?

My births were as follows...

My oldest... EDD: 1/26 Actual Delivery Date: 2/7 (Hospital Induction)

My middle child... EDD: 7/23 Actual Delivery Date: 7/13 (Membranes stripped that AM plus caster oil that afternoon)

Youngest: EDD: 1/21 Actual Delivery Date: TBD :)


Liz - posted on 12/10/2012




My oldest was due on Dec. 2 and was born on Dec. 1 without any kind of induction methods at all. My second was due July 8 and was (finally) born on July 23, also without any kind of induction. My third was due January 3 and was born December 11 - the morning after my husband and I were intimate. And my fourth was due June 29 and was born on June 19 with the same "induction method" as my third :)


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Cynthia - posted on 12/10/2012




I only have one little guy his EDD was 11/7 and he was born 10/25.

My water broke on 10/24 at 1 in the afternoon so went straight to the hospital. I was barely dilated, and things weren't moving along at all.

So from about 5pm that night I walked around the hospital until about 3am every hour or so. They then induced me and I had him at 1:32pm that day.

Not sure if it was the walking or just being induced but the nurses said the walking played a big part in making things go faster. :)

Julia - posted on 12/10/2012




I only have one and her EDD was 6/14 but her ADD was 6/8. I tried caster oil, (at my MIL's coertion), didnt work.

User - posted on 12/09/2012




I went a week and a day early, I was induced because of some preg. issues. But If everything had been normal I probably wouldnt of tried anything to start it. I didnt even want to be induced but my baby was at risk, but I would prefer the natural way as long as the baby is safe.

If they were super late I would def be inducd again just because of the risk of them having a bm and getting sick from it. But other than that if they are healthy and safe, I would let them come when they wanted.

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