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What do I need to do to have energy and not be so tired during the day?


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Jackie - posted on 09/23/2010




COFFEE!! The only problem with coffee is that you tend to crash after it starts to wear off. Lots of protein and a lil exercise will go a long way.

Hmmm, maybe I should take my own advice

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haha my first thought was coffee too... or exercising for like 20 minutes a day will get your endorphins up and you'll have more energy (if you have time, a shower afterward would probably help even more).

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I TRY to watch what I eat as I found that a lot of foods don't give me the energy I need. My body needs a lot of protein to avoid being tired, cranky and getting migraines. So I need AT LEAST a 4oz portion of protein and tons of veggies at EVERY meal. I reduce the carbs as well. Pasta is never the main meal unless it has the right amount of meat with it (meatballs, chicken, etc). Fruits also as snacks (they help clean out the body). Lots of water too.
Getting time for myself and taking a warm bath with epsom salt and baking soda is great. it pulls the toxins out of the body.

Like September, I also enjoy coffee.

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