Energy! I need energy.

Terrestia - posted on 10/10/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Does anyone now how I can gain energy with out paying a large amount for suppliments. Also, something that works because I have tried vitamens etc. and no results.


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Beba - posted on 10/10/2009




dont drink energy drinks. trust me i had bad over come cause i used to drink energy drinks and the more u drink the more u'll need. i tell you the most u can do is go to a lab and get a lab that tells you your vitamins deficienci and there you'll get it when your body is constansly tired is that you are low on vitamins hey something else do you brestfeed? cause if you brestfeed you are supposted to drink a supplement of vitamine b with d+. and do some execise!!

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I drink Vemma . A liquid vitamin has 98% absorbtion where as pills have a 20% absorbtion. Makes all the differance in the world. If i don't drink it I'm sluggish. It feels good to be healthy :-)

Kristin - posted on 10/10/2009




B-12 is a good vitamin to take that helps with energy. Don't know if you have tried that yet, its inexpensive and seems to do the trick. You can get it at any vitamin shop or like target or wal mart. Hope you find something that helps.

Emerald - posted on 10/10/2009




Are you anemic? If you are or dont know you can go to the health dept and they'll do an iron test.

The reason i ask is that i am anemic and when i am low on energy its because my body lacks iron. So i take a supplement (iron) and eat dark green veggies and red meat and feel better.

A balanced diet would help as well.

Lesli - posted on 10/10/2009




I have found a product that is great and they just launched the 1st and olnly healthy energy drink, MonaVie!!! The energy drink, Emv, is 100% natural and 80% fruit it is a natural source of energy. The juice MonaVie is full of antioxidants and is also 100% natural. You drink 2oz in the morning and 2oz at night which gives you 13 servings of fruit in one day! The best part is that MonaVie is great for the whole family. I swear by this product and know many others who do to. check out the website for more info.

Lesli Bauer


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