Failure To Thrive?

Jenn - posted on 06/23/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hello Ladies So This May Sound Nuts But This Is What They Are Thinking. So My Daughter Is Almost 8 Months. She Is 13lbs And Doesnt Weigh As Much As She Did When She Was 3 Months(13.8) So Anyway They Say She Is In The 3rd Percentile And That Is When They Call It Failure To Thrive. So I Asked The Nurse What All That Entails And She Said That When We Go To See The Dr. On The 2nd To Be Prepared For Them To Admit Her To The Hospital For All Kinds Of Tests. Well I Dont Understand. My Daughter May Not Weigh Alot But She Does More Then Alot Of Kids Her Age. She Has Been Sitting Unassisted Since She Was 4 1/2 Months. Rolling Over Since She Was 5 Months, Crawling Since She Turned 6 1/2 Months, And Now She Goes From Crawling To Sitting All On Her Own. She Has Even Been Pulling Up On Things Since I Dont Even Know When. She Is Breastfeed And Still Eats 18oz Of Baby Food A Day. I Dont Understand How She Is Not Gaining Any Weight.

Please Let Me Know If You Have Ever When Threw This And What Your Out Come Is. I Am Worried. I Know That Its Nothing I Am Doing But I Just Dont Want Them Doing A Bunch Of Labs If There Is Nothing Wrong But Shes Just Going To Be Small. Please Anything Helps!

And If You Know Anything I Can Do To Help Her Gain Some Weight That Would Be Helpful. Cause I Dont Know What Else I Can Do.


Paige - posted on 06/24/2009




First of all know that it is probably nothing that you can change right now. Once she see's the specialist they will come up with a plan. Thats what their job is. Make sure you are going to a "childrens hospital". They are the absolute best with these situations because that is all they do. My daughter had surgery to remove a tumor in her abdomen at 2 1/2 months.It was an awful ordeal but the amazing doctors and more importantly nurses took such great care of her. What ever is going on with your little girl they will figure it out. I know waiting around is really scary but just continue to feed her the amount of food your pediatrician had already recomended. I will keep your family in my prayers. Everything will be fine, keep your faith.

Minnie - posted on 06/23/2009




Are you breastfeeding?

My own three year old has been in the less than 1st percentile for weight since she was seven months old. And has never left it. But she's happy, and eats, and sleeps, and is a really smart cookie who's got more energy than I could imagine.

Doctors really get up in arms when something doesn't fit their charts. Not everyone has to meet an average. Both of my girls are really low on the percentile charts, weight wise, but I am thin, and my husband is thin. It's genetics for us, not 'failure to thrive.'


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Jenn - posted on 06/24/2009




Thanks Ladies! I Feel A Little Bit Better Hearing Your Stories. I Am Just Going Crazy. I Dont Know What Else I Can Do. But I Agree She Is Doing Everything And Even More Then Many Kids Her Age. Yet All Of Them Weigh Alot More Then She Does. I Cant Wait To See This Dr And Be Like Look!!!! Shes FINE! I DOnt Know What All I Will Say But All I Know Is That All This Is Making Me Crazy And I Just Feel Like Crying. But With All Your Stories Make Me Feel Like Im Not The Only One And Some Drs Are Just A Little Crazy. LOL. Thanks Again. I Will Let You Know What Happens!

Kim - posted on 06/24/2009




The Dr.'s told me pretty much the same thing. They made me take my daughter in once a week for a weigh in, and said that if she didn't start gaining some weight they would have to do some tests. She had finally gained a pound on her 3rd weekly visit, so they said she was fine. But I think all it was is that she had started walking, and was burning off the food rather than just laying around and not doing much. I know the Dr. made me feel like I wasn't doing my job as a parent (even though I was doing everything that I could!) I don't like how they go by charts and expect every baby to follow the same growth pattern when every baby is different. It's ridiculous. My daughter is 2 1/2 now and doing perfectly fine. They made me worry for nothing, and it sounds like they're making you worry for nothing too. If she's doing great in every other way, what do they have to be so concerned about?

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it drives me crazy when doctors use charts to judge how our children are developing, like you said she seems right on target for every milestone, she is just a little underweight...are people in your family naturally thin? i think doctors in this country are very quick to push for unnecessary treatment, i think you should seek a second opinon. my son is seventeen months and isnt really talking yet and iv heard of some people in the same situation whose pediatricians want they babies to see speech therapists which is just rediculous...growing up, none of my brothers or sisters started talking properly until we were around two years old (all seven of us)...and now we all have college degrees and very good careers

Jen - posted on 06/23/2009




Wow I've never heard of that before. I don't see why there would be a concern if she's not behind developmentally. I can see where the weight concern comes in, but I don't see why they would call that failure to thrive. Obviously your little girl is thriving. My daughter has recently been on the smaller side of the curve, but the lowest percentile has been 30%. I was a little concerned when she had only gained about a pound and a half from her 15 month to her 18 month visit. If I were in your situation I would first get a second opinion. However, I would also ask what the tests entail and if there is a possibility of holding off until she's over a year to see if something doesn't change. She is your daughter so you have the choice as to what medical attention she receives. It sounds like you are feeding her plenty. My daughter ate 2 jars of baby food a day and the most she ever ate was 8 oz and then 2 cereal feedings so I think your daughter is actually getting more than what I fed my own daughter. You might also need to increase your iron for your milk. I know my friend who still nurses was told that because her daughter is on the small side and not gaining much weight(she still hasn't hit 20 lbs and she's 15 months old). I wish you the best of luck.

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my daughter was considered FTT, she is still on the thrid percentile at 14 months but almost coming up to the 2nd for the first time now. she is nearly 20 lbs. the things we have done with her which the hospital has told is, 3 hr day/night feeds til about 5-6 months, one over night feed at midnight til 10 months, making up concentrated formula so make it in bulk and add extra scoops, adding cheese/butter/cream too all solids, especially when making your own

add heaps and puree it, sorry my daughter hit the enter key jus then lol, give crackers/toast/rusks with high fat spreads such as butter, cheese spread and peanut butter, offer solids 5 times a day before every single milk feed and allow half an hour for eating.

if it helps mine was on solids and concentrated milk and still losing weight, they had us convinced she had something wrong with her brain, she had the MRI at 7 months and all sorts of tests done and repeated until she was 1, and she is completely healthy and now finally at 14 months starting to come along developmentally. yours is meeting her milestones so you are one step ahead of mine already. mine started properly crawling on the weekend, started sitting up by herself at 11 and a half months and started holding her head up properly at 6 months, and she was born full term at 6 pounds 4.45 ounces.

you could try high calorie formula, mine is on the pediasure 3 hourly all night. now we are doing night feeds and little day feeds to try and get er more hungry to eat more solids. to be honest, they worry people for nothing most of the time. but keep on eye on her weight and if it makes you feel more comfortable allow them to do the tests if not tell them it is your child and you are quite happy with how she is going. a baby on the 3rd percentile will usually follow the same weight track., its only if she drops you need to worry.

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