Falling asleep during sexual activities.

Carmen - posted on 08/19/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi all..Im new to this site and I need some much needed advice for what happened the other night. I am curently unemployed so I stay with my step children all day while my man is at work. We have always had a very active sexusal relationship, but lately we been going through somethings when we thought that I was pregnate. We found out that I wasnt expecting and I wanted to make him feel good because I have been unpleasant to him.

So last night while we was lying in the bed he rolled over and said that he wanted to hace sex. Since I just started my period, the only thing that I could do was to give him Head. I dont mind doing that for him when im on my period. Things was going good untill I heard him snoring... So I stopped for a min to see if he was going to wake up but he didnt. I moved him over and layed in the bed. He woke up 5min after I stopped and said why did you stop. I told him you fell asleep and he was like I wasnt sleep. He lied...then he said sorry baby I had a long day and Im sleepy. I told him that it hurt my feelings and that I thought that I always did a good job at that. He says that I do and not to look into it he was just really sleepy.

The reason Im mad or just plain confused is because we use to have sex about 2 time before we went to the gym and then once before we went to bed at night. Plus he went to work and maybe cooked that day if it was his turn. and all this was just 2 weeks ago that we had this active sexlife. So how are you so tired now?? I really dont understand. So can I get some advice please???


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Kate CP - posted on 08/19/2009




Yea, I'd be pretty pissed, too. :/

My husband is really good at that. He can have sex in his sleep. I'll wake up the next morning and say "That was great last night, honey." And his response? "You mean that wasn't a dream?" Thanks, babe. :P

I would suggest that you guys talk about whether or not you want to have sex before you go to bed. That way you're kind of "prepared" (hopefully he won't fall asleep on you) AND the anticipation is always fun. :)

Betty - posted on 08/19/2009




Is he keeping up with his work outs? When my husband hasn't worked out for a few days he isn't the same in bed.

Jamie - posted on 08/19/2009




Hes probably stressed with the whole you being pregnant thing. being stressed or depressed makes you tired. And maybe you were doing such a good job that you relaxed him to the point of sleeping. And why cant you have sex on your period? You can still totally do it in the shower and you cant even tell or you can just put a towel down during sex. I dont think a period is a good enough reason to not have sex lol.

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