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Hello, I am a mother of 1, step mother of 4, married, with another on the way! I love my big family and enjoy every moment I have with them. To be honest, I was good when we married and I got the blessing of these 4 wonderful stepchildren. Was surprised to find out we are pregnant and I am about 4 months along now. I am a bit worried about supporting this new addition to our family. We both make a decent income together. I guess I am looking for some advice on budgeting and tips to making sure that we can afford this living in a comfortable way. Thanks!


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Buy the children's clothes at the end of the season sale so buy next years summers clothing at the end this summer when they are all marked down by 75% sometimes also try buying groceries in bulk I have found a butcher who does bulk meat at a great price and for Christmas I get one of the money tins that you can't open unless you use a can opener and at te end of each day I put all the coins from mine and my partners wallets and this year it has covered the cost of all 4 children's christmas presents


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I love shopping a discount places like Value Village and Goodwill (I could spend hours there!). Places like that are great ways to find all sorts of things! And we do our grocery shopping at Safeway to get the gas discounts (not sure if you have a Safeway where you are located). I personally create my meal plan for the week and create my grocery list based on what we need, not what we want. And coupons! If you can find a great deal somewhere and have a coupon, you can save a ton of money! Any place where we can save money we try to, for example, we winterized our house by filling any air leaks and sealing doors and windows to make sure the house stays warmer, shutting off the heater while we are not home, and unplugging all things that are not being used. The little things can make a huge difference.

P.S. I am the stepparent of 5 year old twins and we virtually live paycheck to paycheck, but I know the more I can save now the better we are off later!

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