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I'm at my wits end, i'm a FTM with a 4 month old son, who, until 2 weeks ago was a fantastic feeder....would take each and every bottle without fuss, and would drink it all up and seem satisfied - even when he started teething. He caught a cold 2 weeks ago and seemed to shrug it off really quickly, and returned to his normal self within a few days. However, the past week he hasn't cried for feeds, I've tried feeding him on different time schedules, eg: every 3, 3.5 or every 4 hours, but it makes no difference. He only finishes half a feed, and screams the place down if i offer anymore. I've tried rubbing his gums, giving a teething ring, and using teething gels before and during a feed, but to no avail ! - I would love some assistance if anyone has any other suggestions!?! Thanks Ladies x


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My daughter did this at 4 months. She would be eager to eat at the start of the feeding then be done with at half way through. It was frustrating for me because I felt like she wasn't eating her normal amount. This went on and off for probably a month and a half, but she had started solids and always ate at least half of her meals, and was having enough wet diapers. She had 2 teeth come in recently and every since her appetite is back, and has even increased a little. i think they must just go in spurts.

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My daughter did exactly that for the last 2 weeks she has never been a big eater but always screamed for food and finish her bottles. But 2 weeks ago she was just never hungry and would get pretty upset if I tried to give her more after eating about 4 oz.

I got her weighted on friday and she did not gain a lot but still gained some weight, I checked with the health visitor and she said to me that it is normal sometimes babies are less hungry. It could be teething. As long as your baby seems fine and is not sleeping all day or crying it is not a problem as long as he still eats...

Check when you get him weighed but I was told not to worry and not to force her to eat they will let you know when they are hungry...

She is fine now any way gulping down her bottles :-)

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He will eat it if he is hungey just try but don't force. And don't worry as long as he keeps growing he will be fine. Good Luck

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maybe he just finished going through a growth spurt and is on his down side of it. Many kids do this and dont eat as much. Dont force him to eat, as long as he is getting enough liquid dont push it that only causes unnessasary weight gain.


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Thanks ! Am taking him to get weighed tomorrow, to check on his weight again....hopefully all is ok :o)

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