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Tracy - posted on 12/18/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




So i'm a stay home mom. i have a 7 & 5 yr old & a 4 month old. every morning i wake them get them ready for school, take them to school, pick them up. drive them all over gods creation for what ever they want. i tuck them in @ nite, read them stories, play games. but as soon as my husband comes home from work they only have eyes for him. it's almost like i don't exist as soon as he walks in the door. i left my 4 month old home w/him 4 the first time a wk ago, for a few hrs, & when i got home she wanted nothing to do w/me. she would cry any time i came near. anyone else feeling like the don't exist when daddy's home or is just me??


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Ahndrea - posted on 08/26/2014




Of course they love you! Dads are the ones they play rough with but your the nurturing one and no one can take your place. I know it gets frustrating feeling like your the one that does all the work and u feel like he gets all the fun but trust in believe your little ones love you and appreciate you!

Sammie - posted on 12/18/2010




My partner works a fly in fly out job, so he works away for 2 weeks and is home for 1. I am definitely non existant to our daughter for that week, but after 2 olid weeks with her by myself, I don't find it to be a bad thing, it gives me time out. My daughter also rarely says Mummy, though she addresses everyone else ;) They know we are always around, and the novelty of someone new is always there. It doesn't mean they love you any less :)

Jennifer - posted on 12/18/2010




It's the same way at my house. I too am a stay at home mom, and my husband works long hours. I think it is just because our kids know we are always going to be home, and Daddy isn't. They take us for granted. Sometimes it helps to look on the bright sideof things though. At least we are lucky enough to have such wonderful husbands who are also wonderful fathers.

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