Feeling awful for my girl!!!

Sabrina - posted on 09/05/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Pretty sure she is going through a growth spurt. She wants to feed all of the time mad I have been having a problem with milk production since week 6. She is 12 weeks now and fights the boob if I don't let down fast enough for her and screams her head off and stops trying but continues to scream
We have been giving her formula and breast feeding for a month and she is having such bad tummy problems. The worst gas ever that she struggles to pass and hasn't had a bowel movement in almost 48 hours. After her bath at night she shrieks and fights feeding and sleep and we feel terrible. My doc says nothing is wrong so I'm wondering if any other moms experience this and what did you do to help?! I feel so helpless!!


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Tanya - posted on 09/06/2014




Perhaps she's lactose that's why she has tummy problems.

Bowel movements vary at this age...

Please give her formula if you are lacking milk... I didn't and my daughter had severe jaundice...I was in the hospital...I ended up feeding her formula in the end that was requested by the nurses and doctor...don't feel guilty about it, I did and it's not worth the feeling she will be fine! Feed her as much as she wants.

However, I think of you drink a glass of beer that will help you're milk supply...lol...I was told that afterwards by a friend.

Try to stay clam it will calm her down.

Sabrina - posted on 09/06/2014




Yes I have been to a consultant three times. I keep her at the breast as long as she will stay there. When she gets mad, I pump but haven't been able to keep up to her. Both my doctor and consultant say she is just a hungry and impatient baby

Jodi - posted on 09/06/2014




Why are you giving her formula? By giving her formula, you are reducing the demand on your breastmilk and therefore reducing the supply that she needs and it becomes a cycle. You need to be building your supply by feeding her more frequently and not supplementing with formula. Have you spoken to a lactation consultant?

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