Feeling friendless

Szilvia - posted on 10/01/2013 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am a mother of two who lives in Toronto. Lately I feel like I need at least one good (girl) friend. I love my family but most of the day I am alone with the baby because my oldest goes to school and my other half is at work all day. Most days its okay but some days I feel like my life is definitely missing the joy of friendship, someone to talk to/text or maybe meet for a playdate or coffee.


Skye - posted on 10/08/2013




You're not alone in your feelings. I miss having a great girlfriend to hang out with, I moved away from all of my friends and have been unsuccessful making new ones in GA. It's been 3 years already.


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its so hard being a mum i feel isolated most of the time i have a 7 yr old and am a single parent with no help from fathers dad or my family. sometimes i just wish there was another body in my house to break up the boredom. i dont see anyone for months at time on a social level its that bad that when i do see old friends i ramble on about all sorts because its been that long not talking to another adult lol

Tiana - posted on 10/04/2013




have another baby. they will always have something for you to do. i have 3 and pregnant with 2. so im never alone in that kind of way but friends on the other hand, i dont have any either and to tell u the truth its better that way. all they do is gossip about everything that shouldnt be in their mouth. i know its seems like good company at first but they just cuase more problems in realationships. im happy with out them. im in my own little world happier than ever. but if u ever need someone other than ur family to talk to ill be here for you =)

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