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Kristen - posted on 07/03/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 6 month old has had a fever of 100.5 two nights in a row and is real fussy. His temp is normally around 98 degrees. Didn't want his cereal last night but did breastfeed pretty good and did take a 7oz bottle this am. He is pretty good during the day, drinks his regular scheduled bottles. He is starting to teeth would that be the cause of the fever or should I be bringing him to the doctor? He hasn't been sleeping or napping very well. Any advice would be great. thanks


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Tiara - posted on 07/03/2009




My son has been teethin since about 4 months no teeth. I went to walgreens and the pharmists (indian Man) Told me I can give my son a naturl syrup called gripe water. It put my son right to sleep, I freaked out first but he was fine. it helped him relax. It has calmomile and ginger. you might want to look into it I highly recommed it, First time mommy.

Samantha - posted on 07/03/2009




It is possible that teething is the cause. Give him tylenol to help keep the fever down. If the fever stays for too many more days, you should call the doctor. I gave my kids the baby orajel for teething. They don't like the taste, but it helps with the discomfort. Try giving him something cold, like frozen fruit to suck on. If this seems to help, then you know he is teething. He is at the age for teething.

Sarah - posted on 07/03/2009




its probz 2 do wiv teethin my son wasnt tht bad wit it bt my neice was so i wud give him sum calpol n get some teethin gel! if his temp is still high take evafin off except nappy 2 cool him dwn abit xxx

Kylie - posted on 07/03/2009




panadol and or nurofen lowers the fever but if asprin allergies or asthma run in the family skip the nurfoen (ibprofen)

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