Fevers High & No Advice From Doctors!

Richelle - posted on 12/10/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hey, dont know if anyone else has had this happen..

my daughter has a really high fever and has had it for the last 2 and a bit days, i called the 24hr doctor last night and he came and examined my little girl (8months old) and he just nodded and basically walked out. I was so frustrated that i waited 3 hours for him to get to my home and he says nothing, that nothing was wrong and that her fever wasnt even high.

Today, i go to the doctors (one that ive never seen before) and he tells me one thing.. to keep her cool. Ok now this upsets me, firstly, i am a first time mother, with a young baby.. all i need is to tell me what to do, how to handle it.. and that she is going to be ok.. instead. I get nothing.

Just venting, but i am sick of doctors getting paid to do nothing, to tell me nothing and to not tell me if im doing anything wrong.


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Rachel - posted on 01/29/2013




Get some peppermint essential oil from doTERRA. I started using their oils 2 years ago and WOULD NOT be without them!!! They are pure enough to use on pregnant women and newborns!! I have used peppermint for fevers a few times now. A couple of drops on the bottoms of the feet in some coconut oil, then socks, a few times a day and the fever VANISHES!! To kill whatever is making her little body sick, I would also doing the same protocol with the On Guard blend. AWESOME stuff!! Essential oils work to kill bacteria AND viruses, so you don't have to feel powerless anymore!! Take control! I did and haven't looked back!!!

Katrina - posted on 12/10/2009




I know that from experience that a lot of the time my children had a fever it was nothing that I couldn't fix at home. Because, it does get a lil frustrating going to the doctors and they tell you nothing. Depending on the age of the child he or she could be teething, if there are no other types of symptoms like runny nose, coughing, and the temperature not over a 102 I honestly would just give some Tylenol, and call it a day. Sometimes children have slight fevers and us as mothers being loving parents can sometimes take out of proportion, but if the doctors say it's fine it is, but it is wrong that they gave you no explanation.

Shantelle - posted on 12/10/2009




Yes try Baby Tylenol. My son recently had a trip to the ER a couple of weeks ago with a fever of 103.3. He ended up having an ear infection. I would recommend bringing him to the ER if this doctor can't help!!! Hope all goes well... Praying for you and your little one.

Angie - posted on 12/10/2009




i guess your just supposed to give them baby tylenol and wait it out. i am also a first time mother...my baby is 5 months old. at 4 months, he had a fever or 102.6 so we took him to the er because it was after hours for the peds office. we waited like an hour to see someone and then when we finally got to talk to the doctor, we told him what his fever was and he says to us "well what am i doing here?" basically asked us why we brought him to the er. maybe because we thought that was high for a baby!!! i donno, it made us mad. but that was only after like 5 hours. i cant imagine what 2 days in like! you should have really gotten more of an answer or at least something else to do. well good luck and i hope your baby is feeling better!

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