Filling days with fun?

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Hey there.
Im 21 and ive 2 little boys Alex will be 5 and James will be 3 on November.
Anyhow im from Ireland and our summers are not really summerry.. Mostly filled with rain :(
My problem is that i find my kids fighting all the time, they dont play they are stuck on the tv if i turn it off there is a blood bath :(
Ive tried playing with them or reading a book, but they would just throe toys around or they wouldnt like to shear etc. Its so hard to have a peacefull day :(
Every morning when i wake up i know its going to be another hard day of trying to keep them away from eachother so they dont kill eachother.
It might sound very bad but the reality is worst than this.
So my question is what are the activities you do AT HOME.. Something that woudl kep them busy. Something that would wear them out so they are not so crazy :(
Im so tired :( Soooooo Tired of fighting :(


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