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Amie - posted on 04/20/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hey I am new to this little communitly. I am a single mom of a beautiful 3 month old boy. I am finding it hard to connect with my friends, as none of them have any babies and our priorities are different. The first few months were fine, didnt really feel the need to talk to anyone but my baby! But now the need for adult conversation is needed! I am also finding it hard to balance a baby and friends. I can feel how they are distancing as I give them a quarter of my attention. Does anyone have any tips for that? or just want to swap some stories?


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Michelle - posted on 04/21/2009




I know what you mean about the adult conversation, my daughter is 4 months and i love her with all my heart and dont regret my decision to stay at home with her but somtimes i can feel quite lonely and i count the hours till my fella comes home. My mum told me when i became pregnant to prepare myself for losing touch with people n my life that dont have children and she was right. There isnt much you can do about it because you can no longer be selfish. My mates dont even bother asking me to go out anymore and it hurts but even if they asked i could rarely join them. I make an effort to keep in touch and see them every few weeks for a brew and try my hardest not to talk about my baby cos i know they find it boring. I have friends with babies too but i dont even see them as much as id like cos my baby is so stuck in a routine she is a nightmare if i take her out for hours on end. Im just trying to enjoy it as i know she will be a teenager before i know it and ill be wishing she was a baby again so she cant talk.

Joelle - posted on 04/21/2009




Hey welcome! I have 5month old girl. She everything to me but sometime I need my space. I don't really get my own time since I am breastfeeding and she demands my attention but I love it. I love her to death and I love spending time with. I barely do the things I use to do or see many friends who I use to have fun with. They say “friends come & go and true one understands will always be there". I see some of my friends & take my daughter with me to wherever I need to. It normal to be apart from friends, depression, tired but there not always fun too.

If you need a new mommy friend message me I be glade to be a new friend. I love meeting new people. Joelle

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I know how you feel, I'm a stay at home mom and with a 2 year old and 7 month old, conversations are pretty much non-existent. My advice is to find some mommies in your area. Try your local community center, they usually have listings for mommy and me groups and other fun activities that give you a chance to meet other parents with kids around the same age. Some of it can be pretty fun. I'm a little shy so it was hard to get out there but it's worth it.

Kelly - posted on 04/20/2009




Welcome and congrats on your little one......After I had my son it seemed like all my friends came and seen me at the hospital, then they would call but i could never hang-out, and they didn't understand.....i do have a couple of friends that have chilren and it is easier to get together with them cuz they understand if you can only chill for an hour, i have grown futher apart from the friends that i have that don't have any children......but it will get better once you get the hang of everything, i do allow myself one weekend a month that i get a babysitter, either friday or sat night and i go is just time that i need, to be an adult, and interact with others my age(im a single mom, and 22 years old)......good luck and im here if you ever need to talk

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