Finding motherhood very difficult

Amy - posted on 01/10/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




Finding my 7 week old baby very difficult he dosnt settle at night has realy bad colic too any tips nothing seems to be working :(


Rhistar81 - posted on 01/12/2014




Colic is a killer!! I did a combo of establishing a bath & bedtime routine, chiropractor for the colic (very very effective for us) and pro-biotic treatment. My son was given antibiotics after he was born & I was on a course after a Caesarian & as I was breastfeeding it upset his stomach. You can also try propping up the head end of your baby's crib/cot/bassinet. I went against all recommendations and put bub to sleep on his belly. I had a movement monitor so I wasn't worried and he always had a strong neck to move his head. You might have to try a few things!

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We got our son one of those soothing sound projectors and it calms him a lot when he has a bad night. We originally got a winnie the pooh soothing sound plush that can attach to his carrier or crib or stroller for on the go. They both work wonders for our son. Hope this helps.


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Stephanie - posted on 01/10/2014




My son had surgery at a month and a half old he's now almost 3 months and screams constantly at night took him to the Dr today he said nothing is wrong with him n to send daddy in when he cried n to put his hand on him to let my son know daddy's there but to let him scream himself to sleep

Belle - posted on 01/10/2014




Try adding a little baby cereal to his warm milk it'll get him full & he'll rest easier n more peaceful!

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