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I have a one year old daughter who is self feeding but I feel like all I feed her is pasta. What are some other foods I can give her. She is great with chewing and has 6 teeth right now.


Mel - posted on 04/28/2009




anything and everything at one! some things my dietician has mentioned to me from 6-12 months is sausages sliced down the middle so they are easier to eat, pieces of steak, whole apples (mine chews on them and gets small bits off just make sure you peel them of course), pieces of orange, banana kiwi fruit etc, crackers or bread/taost with spreads eg, peanut butter, butter, vegemite, jam, cheese spread, slices of cheese (cut thin so they dont choke), fruit bars, rusks with spreads, icy poles (the ones with handles of get icy pole holders so they are not too cold, they told us to use the baby juice or our juice to make our own in the hot weather), rice crackers, gherkins, fish fingers, potato gems, pieces of chicken, chips, cooked vegies i give mine the frozen ones like carot and brocolli, biscuits (wafer ones, ginger nut etc you can dip them in milk), eggs (either scrammbled or i just boil them peel it and cut in half and give to her) and they also told us to try hot foods but not to hot i cant think or any examples though

Kate CP - posted on 04/28/2009




Lessee...bananas, softer varieties of apples (sliced), mango, peach, pears, strawberries (if she's not allergic, ask the Dr.), cooked carrots-I have a great recipe if you want it, orange wedges, sweet potatoes...all very nummy and easy for baby to feed to herself. :)

Kalindy - posted on 04/28/2009




my 6 month old loves chunks of banana, mashed potatoes with gravy and peas or corn mixed in, blueberries, chicken chunks, toast strips, crackers, puffs, steamed cut up veggies, strawberries, pretty much whatever i make for supper, just cut a little smaller. He only currently has his 2 bottom teeth. Also, he does great self feeding with a spoon, i just give him stuff like mashed potatoes or a little oatmeal so that it stays on the spoon even if he tips it! It can be frustrating for a little while trying to figure out how and what to feed them and still do a balanced diet, but before you know it they are eating anything and everything! My older son loved french fries and chicken nuggets when he turned one, he always took bites and didnt try to shove the whole thing in his mouth, but im not sure if thats what most 12 months old do or not... haha. Good luck with future meal times, hopefully you get some more ideas!

Maura - posted on 04/28/2009




any steamed soft veggies, mashed potatoes, cut up blueberries, whole wheat bread with butter, refried beans. Try and get them on whole nutritious food so they can get into a healthy routine! Hope this helps!

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Amanda - posted on 04/28/2009




my 9 month old loves sweet potato fries, shredded cheese and shredded carrots, sliced bananas or any soft fruit for that matter, spiral pasta, popcorn twists, Gerber puffs. puffed wheat cereal, cheerios , mini rice cakes. they can eat pretty much everything you can. avoid popcorn (twists are ok but not whole popcorn) nuts, celery and very hard foods.

Maria - posted on 04/28/2009




chicken small bits, apples, green beans , peas carrots(the baby ones) pears .

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my son loves hotdogs. i use to cut them into 4ths the long way, and then into little pieces. he also likes the gerber graduates "pasta pick-ups" its ravioli, stuffed with turkey and cheese, cheese, spinich and cheese or beef and tomato. they only take 30 seconds in the microwave. its not covered in tomatoe sauce, so its really not a big mess. he will eat sliced cheese, cut up steak or chicken. his recent favorites are green beans, cut up meatballs and sliced apples. if we go out we order him a grilled cheese and rip it into 4 pieces and he will sit there and eat it just fine. He will eat chicken nuggets and french fries from McDonalds (very rare) but since he has his front 8 teeth and 4 molars, he does fine with biting and chewing the apples, grilled cheese, nuggets and fries.

Cristina - posted on 04/28/2009




My son is only 8 months, but we give him little pieces of fruit like banana or canteloupe. And also Lunchables Jr. makes cute little snack packs with cubes of turkey and cheese and graham crackers. I was just told to make sure no matter what I give him to eat off of his highchair tray, make sure it is the size of your pinky nail.

Carly - posted on 04/28/2009




cereal puffs cheese small pieces of soft fruit small meat of fish anything you eat cut up small scrambled egg avocado my son who is 11 months eats everything we eat just tiny as long as you are eatting a healthy well balanced diet she will be fine very little sweets and salty

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