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when did you start finger foods? what is a good food to start with?


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We used mum mums starting at about 4 months also and still do at 12 months! My daughter gets SOO excited for them and I think they are great! They are probably the healthiest "snack food" you can give your baby and it wont fill their bellies up and spoil their appetite for fruits and veggies. They are shaped like a surf board and are thin and melt right away. My daughter has never choked on one.

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I started around 5-6 months. My son started solids at 4 month and was showing interest in non pureed food around 5 months. Start with food you know they like and that are soft. Bananas, cooked squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes etc..
We also used mum mum rice rusks, they were easy to grab and melt in the mouth.

A good rule is that if you can squish it with your thumb they can chew it with their gums (or few teeth they have). And that way they dont choke either.


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Bananas are great. Soft diced fruit or soft steamed vegetables like diced squash. My daughter likes to hold the banana with the peel on but she doesn't like it if I cut it into pieces, she throws them on the floor!
She likes slices of steamed zucchini and yellow squash. Diced avocado is really easy to chew and super healthy! We started finger foods at about 7-8 months (I think) once in a while just to practice but she didn't really start eating much of them until about 10 months.
It's really just a trial and error thing, depending on what your baby likes to eat

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