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Sophia - posted on 03/31/2013




I am planning my son's 1st for this summer. Traditionally for both sides of the family, the 1st b-day is considered a milestone and so is quite a large party. However, it is predominantly for family and the other children. We're holding a backyard party with a carnival theme. We're renting a bouncy castle, a sno-cone machine and setting up some carnival games like ring toss, fishing booth etc.

For the adults, basically we'll have lots of food and drinks.

Michelle - posted on 03/29/2013




My daughter just turned one last month....
I bought myself a new dress....It was a lot of hard work on my part to get her to 1 Year....
So i went shopping at Macy's.

For her, I ordered new diapers through my BFF's website.

Andrea - posted on 03/28/2013




Lol I was the mom that went crazy for my son's first birthday and everyone else is totally right. They don't remember. We threw a big party at the house that I decked out in Tonka truck decorations. However the one thing we did that I really liked was I made him his own special cake that he got to tear into. It's a family tradition and really fun for them.

Alicia - posted on 03/25/2013




I agree, It will just be mom, dad and grandparents with cake, food and fun. We will also take a local mini trip with the baby

[deleted account]

we had a party where we had pizza and cake and our families came over. it's more for the parents than for the kids since they won't remember it.

Michelle - posted on 03/25/2013




Just had family and friends around. I don't do huge 1st birthdays as it's mainly for the parents to celebrate surviving the first year! The children don't remember so there's not much point.

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