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Beth - posted on 05/19/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter is now 15 months old and is starting to have tantrums which I can handle but what gets to me is her NEVER listening to me when I say no! I can appreciate that she is still little but there are certain things she needs to be disicplined for ie touch plug sockets, putting wires in her mouth, touching the get my drift. Now I have tried telling her firmly and taking her away from the object, I have tried tapping her hand away, I have tried raising my voice but every time all she does is laugh and continue. Now like I said I no she is still little and I am aware that she is testing her boundaries but I just wanted to know what other mums use as effective discipline when there toddlers do need to be told no! I am getting completely fed up and feel like she does not respect me as authority!:(


Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 05/19/2013




I know it's tough , but being consistent and firmly telling her no and distracting her from what she shouldn't be going , and positive reinforcement when she does the right thing is the best thing to do. My child is 16 months old and has been tossing food backwards out of her high chair lately. If I show a huge reaction she will laugh and continue doing it , so I tell her " no, we don't throw food" and I take her out of her chair. I also clap and make a huge deal when she feeds herself nicely, and she claps proudly right along with us. She did this for about a week and hasn't thrown food since. I also used this method with biting and hair pulling and both stages lasted for short periods of time . It's not bc she doesn't respect your authority bc she's too young to understand the concept of respect , she is learning about the world and is intrigued by cause and effect ( cause: I touch the outlet. Effect: mommy gives me attention) . I know it's tough to not get frustrated sometimes , but staying calm will only help curb the behavior and teach her doing those things equals no attention which takes the fun out of it for her


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Alicia - posted on 05/28/2013




thats the age and trust me terrible twos are coming but this is not it. although you can try for real extreme things time out for one min. as for the oven turn it on and let it heat up for a little bit so its hot but not enough to burn her and let her start to touch it and when she is almost there tell her very firmly 'hot no' and take her hand away and she'll cry but let her do it again or take her hand in yours and do that and do it several times she'll get the message. and if she does touch it once them maybe she wont do it again. thats what i did with me kids and they dont toouch the stove or oven now. as for the plugs cover them those things are dangerous and the plug covers are so cheap. if she starts tantrums like yelling and crying again thats the age but the course of action taken by you depends on the situation. if your in the kitchen cooking supper and she is upset that shes not with you then tell her that she's ok that mommy is cooking her supper. you want to eat dont you? that she cant come in because its too dangerous. if shes upset cause she can't have something just ignore the behavior or tell her no you can have that because ..... and then ignore the behavior.

things will get better trust me i know i have three ages 4 1/2, 3 and 10mons. so things will work out

Cecilia - posted on 05/26/2013




At this age group discipline really doesn't work out. The only thing that can be done is remove the items of issue (cover plugs, put a gate up so she can't get near the stove, don't have cords where she can put them in her mouth) I know everything can't be removed. What you do then is distract, When you see the child going for an item that is off limits show them you have one of their favorite play things. If need be go to another room all together.

You have too realize this is a whole new world of walking and getting into things and it is exciting for them. This is why they laugh. They are telling you, hey this is fun look. So just let them know there are fun things in another area for them to play with.

Listening skills come more into play about 2 years old. There isn't much you can do to speed it up. I will say some of my kids got it about 18 months old. Yelling doesn't help though. Talking is the best way to get through to someone.

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Have you ever watched Supernanny? Jo Foster is AWESOME! I have learned so much from her through that show and I'm not even a mommy yet. (We're TTC). She also has a new series coming soon called 'Family SOS: With Jo Foster'. :)

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Try making a "safe place" where you can put your child and walk away. A playpen or cot works really well, we rearranged our furniture so there was an area behind the couch that the kids couldn't get out of. Then, when she touches something dangerous, tell her stop and move her hand away. If she does it again say stop again, pick her up, and put her in a safe place for a minute or two. While she is there you have to ignore her completely. No eye contact, no talking to her, nothing. As Danielle said, she will continue to do it if she gets the attention, so, you need to make it so that 'if I do that, I WON'T get attention. If I stop when mummy says so, she will give me lots of hugs and tell me how good I am for listening.' Ps. Make sure there are no toys or fun things in the area, in order to make it an efficient time out place.

Apple - posted on 05/19/2013




Hi,my son is 7 months old and he got almost same your daughter too,he screams, when i said no,he look at me and laugh,yeah ,he not scare me and his daddy too, we also to tried raising ours voice but he doesn't scare,whe laugh really lovely,we can not do stronger, and he won,yeah,now,i realy worry same you too,i do not how to teach him listen and not respect me, now I try to talk explain what to good what bad for him, or maybe you talk with your doctor maybe hepl, sorry thatso I can advice you,wish you fine

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