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Hello, a little off topic but I'm wondering what the weather is like in Orlando late December/early January?? We want to do all the theme parks including water parks if its not too cold...


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Amber - posted on 08/05/2009




i have been to disney and sea world on new years weekend and the weather was perfect...not too hot or too cold..the nights were especially nice. i wouldn't do a water park then though. all you have to worry about is crowds. when i went that weekend it was the busiest the parks had ever been and the lines were ridiculous. you have to remember everyone is on school vacation.

Jennifer - posted on 08/05/2009




We were just there last week and it was sooo hot during the day but the evenings were cool and so perfect!! We were told while we were there that they never have a really cold winter and never get any snow. It will probably be nice weather to do the parks for sure and maybe even the water parks too, but then it may be a little on the cooler side then to go swim. Orlando is so beautiful and there is soooooo much ro do there you will love it!! I told my husband I want to move there but all of our family is here with us in Texas...so not likely to happen.

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I stay in Lakeland about 45 mins away from Orlando and I love that city. After school I want to move there, there is soo much to do and its nice. The traffic may not be nice but overall it is. To be honest with you, you never know about the weather hear it will be Dec it will not be cold at all but sometimes it can you just have to wait and see. I wish the best and good luck...God Bless!

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