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We are planning a trip from Edmonton, Alberta Canada to New York City in August of this year. This is about an 8 hour flight (with a stop in between). We have never flown with our son who will be 10 months at the time. Does anyone have any tips or suggestion on how to make this as smooth of a trip as possible. I worry about what I am suppose to do with him on the plane. He does not like to be held alot, so I worry that he will be extremely fussy. Any suggestion or tips for flying witha baby would be awesome.




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Jennel - posted on 04/25/2009




We flew with our daughter from New Zealand to Canada and back again longest flight was 14 hours it was over night with a bassenet seat so she slept. She was only 8 months on the way back so was probly a bit easyer the younger they are.

To do with security just like Jen said they will check it after it goes through the xray thing

Our daughter was a thumb sucker so that worked with the ears popping and i was also breastfeeding. We used the stroller in the air ports but with six hour delays i did not want to hold her you may find it easyer with the front pack. The flight atendents are great you will be fine. I find they feed off you so if your relaxed they are too, Good luck

Jen - posted on 04/25/2009




We flew when our daughter was 9 months from Florida to Pennsylvania. With layovers and everything it was about 5 hours. This is what we did. Instead of using a stroller in the airport, I carried her in her baby backpack. I found it much easier than lugging a stroller around and checking it at the gate.

We also bought our daughter her own seat so that we could sit her in her car seat. Unfortunately there's no discount, but I found it easier than having to hold her during the flight. Airlines will allow you to use the car seat without a ticket, but only if the plane is not full and there are empty seats near by. Also depending on where you're seated you may have to put the car seat forward facing instead of rear facing because if the seat in front. On one plane we had it rear and the rest we had to put it forward.

As for on the plane we brought cereal puffs for our daughter to much on so that she would keep her ears from popping and we had a sippy of juice, 1 premade bottle, and 2 filled with water and formula in the dispenser. I also had a can of unopened formula in her diaper bag just in case and 2 extra bottles of water (security wouldn't let us have more than 2).

Be prepared for security. They will send your diaper bag through the machiene. Then they will proceed to check it after wards. They'll test the juice by putting some paper over it and then just make sure everything else in the bag is ok. They're pretty nice though and will explain everything to you.

Good luck.

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