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We are planning a trip from Edmonton, Alberta Canada to New York City in August of this year. This is about an 8 hour flight (with a stop in between). We have never flown with our son who will be 10 months at the time. Does anyone have any tips or suggestion on how to make this as smooth of a trip as possible. I worry about what I am suppose to do with him on the plane. He does not like to be held alot, so I worry that he will be extremely fussy. Any suggestion or tips for flying witha baby would be awesome.




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That is a tough age to travel with cause they need to be able to move around. If he walks, even with help, walk him back and forth to the bathroom on the plane. That way he can get mobile.
Nuby has some straw cups that close up so the straw is tucked inside the cool. They don't spill and he can suck on it to help with popping his ears.
Take Benadryl to help him sleep (if you feel comfortable with doing that) and some Tylenol for anything else. Pack lots of snacks and toys that you KNOW will hold his attention.

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I flew to Florida from Connecticut with my daughter when she was a couple months and then again with both my kids when my son was a few months and my daughter was 2 and the doctor recommended a few things
1st off make sure you have baby Tylenol or Motrin and make sure your son has something to suck on as you land and take off because it really hurts for their ears to pop and if you give them the Tylenol before and make sure they are sucking on a pacifier or a sippy cup or something it really helps also try to make sure they are sleepy so they take a nap on the plane when I left in the afternoon with my kids I wouldnt let them take a nap till the plane and when we left in the morning I would wake them up early so they would sleep a bit it really helps

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i had to fly recently when my girl was only 5 months, the vibrations must have been like being in the carseat (although she was in my lap) because she was fussy while we waited and waited for take off and then as soon as we were in the air she passed out. but you've got quite a ways to go! have you thought about a toy that vibrates or moves a lot? that would be quiet and yet still kinda stimulating and fun. OH and we just discovered Baby Mum Mums, theyre like those gerber puffs except its a long wafer-like cracker that she can hold herself. they come individually wrapped, two to a pack, in original and vegetable flavors and are made of rice. anyways, my daughter is so squirmy and doesn't like to be bored, but she'll be totally content if she has one of these in her hands. only caution- bring a bib and wipes cause they dissolve as they get wet and can be a mess!!! (but messy vs. crying? messy wins.)


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5 Unless you want him to sleep, keep it on hand. I would only say this if he can't handle it and it crying a lot. Just a very little will not hurt. Ask your doc. We took our 14 month old (at the time) to Washington DC and then to PA. One flight 2 1/2 hrs...and the other 1 1/2 hrs. Whenever you have your layover get him to run around a bit or crawl to get some of his energy out. Make him as tired as possible, so he sleeps on the plane. Bring plenty of snack puffs or whatever are his favorite, a blanket, and formula (unless you nurse).

Did you buy a ticket for him or will he be a "lap baby" ? Mine was a lap baby because we didn't want to spend so much on another ticket. It was very crowded, and uncomfortable, he was on my lap the entire time...ugh...That is a long flight to have him just sitting on your lap. Just try to have him nap on the plane as much as you can! If he falls asleep his ears popping won't hurt as bad either. Mine just sucked his thumb, or use a pacifier if he takes one. Also bring and umbrella stroller, they will let you bring it on the plane. Then you won't have to carry him to your next terminal for the next plane! It is a lot of work traveling with a baby...Good Luck!

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