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My son is 10 months old. When he turns one do you just stop formula and start milk? Also, do you still feed them the pureed food or all adult food?


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Jade - posted on 08/09/2009




I stopped pureeing anything when mine were about 6 months and gradually got lumpier and lumpier, so first i would just finely mash, then roughly mash, then just cut into little pieces. By age one my kids were both eating adult food chopped into little pieces and finger food (strips of toast to be sucked to death, pieces of fruit (hard fruits and veges can be grated and then offered as finger food) only things to still exclude are nuts (and some say honey)

there is no reason milk needs to be heated (other than if your lil one wants it warm) it is fine to jsut slowly transistion to milk after age one (with your Drs advice if there are any special circumstances)

Crystal - posted on 08/09/2009




I forgot to mention she's 15 months old.

Oh! Also try giving him some cheerios! He'll love it!

Crystal - posted on 08/09/2009




Start giving him some table foods now! He will love it and will have fun with it. Try easy-to-eat things like bananas, pieces of soft bread, veggies (I buy bags of frozen veggies, boil or steam for a few minutes - wallah! finger food!), and other bits of easy-to-eat fruit.

Start whole milk at 1 year in sippy cups (no bottles!). My baby was breastfed, so I'm not sure how difficult the weaning process is for bottle-fed babies. (My breastfed babe still nurses 2ce a day.)

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your son still needs his formula milk and can have cows milk aged do abit of both but reduce the amount of milk as food replaces it but still needs alot of milk,if that makes sense!

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I started my son on homo milk (3%) when he was around 9 months, and I started giving him pureed/mashed foods around 6 months. This was all on the advice and consent of my public health nurse, who used to visit my home once a month. She said that its better to introduce textured foods earlier, because it makes it easier for your baby to get used to them. I think by one year the baby should be eating finger foods.

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hiii !! well my sons 18 months and at around 11 months i started doing all bottles formula except one a day then i started with 2 a day.. it all depends on your doctors too, because to start a baby on milk your baby has to have the right level of iron(im pretty sure thats what it is lol) and lucy is right with the food. i puree all of my dinners and lunches for my son at 10 months just do it what you think is the right texture whether it be thin or chunky.. then as he gets older you will know when he needs thicker food.. you could give him toast for breakfast because toast will melt in his mouth. if you have chicken mashed potatoes and a vegetable for dinner stick it in the blender and feed it to him, guarentee he will love it!!

Lucy - posted on 08/09/2009




Hi Kelly, I started my son on regular milk when he was 1 year old, i think before then it needs to be heated to kill any bacteria. I found it easier just to carry on with formula until he was one. I started giving my son adult food at about 10 months, you could puree the food less so that it's a bit lumpy and see how he gets on. I found finger food was really good. I gave my son things like boiled broccolli, toast, banana, rusks and things like that and just let him mush them up and stick them in his mouth. Luckily he's always loved food so it was pretty easy! I'm sure if you search the web you'll find loads of good ideas for easy to do finger food - it also helps them taste and explore different foods. hope that helps xx

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