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So we are adopting twins that are due in July. There are the three brands of formula, how do I choose one? Enfimil, Similac and Nestle Goodstart..........are they the same or is there a difference? I am so lost...........


Bailey - posted on 06/18/2009




There is a difference ...most of the differences are minimal (EXACT mg of what in them) but with my son, he picked by the taste. I tried Goodstart first, HATED it, tried Enfimil, HATED it, and then switch from breast milk to Similac with NO problems. So I let him choose - I didn't force one on him. They are all generally the same, just a few differences. And then there are the ones for sensitive stomachs and such, but you won't know if you need that until you start feeding them. I just would buy the small cans to start and then figure out what they like, or what they need. If they are premie they will need different ones too to help out with growth. They are circumstantial. I know this didn't help much, but big shocker, nothing about two kids is the same!! LOL!!

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