Four Month Old& Runny Noses

Christina - posted on 10/15/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Well I'm worried that my four month old is coming time sick. I'm a first time mother so I'm kinda unsure what to do. I told he doctor when we seen her that she had been congested and then her nose has been runny and stopped up but the only thing she told me to do was to watch for fever and keep her nose cleaned out. Does anyone else has anything that could help my daughter.... she is miserable with this!


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Melissa - posted on 10/15/2009




yep i'm with tara i have 4 girls and it is really common for little ones to get the sniffles and i know how horrible it is to see them like that and u can't do anything to make it better panadol for any discomfort the fess drops are great if u can get one that comes with what i call the the boggie sucker will help heaps too she won't like it when ur doing it but once its out she will be happier even try a warm shower with her to clear out the airways and some time and lots of snuggles she will get better soon and the next time it happens u will feel more experienced with what to do best wishes

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baby panadol and fess drops for her nose:) keep her close to you even through the night so you both feel safe!

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