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Alissa - posted on 04/16/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi All! My name is Alissa. I am a 24 year old mommy to a wonderful little man named Austin! He's 9 1/2 months old and into everything! We are going through a bit of a temper tantrum stage...all because of the word NO! HA HA I think somebody is a little bit spoiled! But being my first and only child (for the moment) I have to spoil him a little! Just thought I would introduce myself! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life and their children! I didn't know what life was about until I had my son! Oh, and no one told me that losing baby weight would be so hard! LOL Take care and God Bless!


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Nathania - posted on 04/17/2009




hi there! i'm 26 and i have 22 months boy named Abner. how lovely austin now, just a little bit spoiled i think it's okay, but remember, he's beginning to understand when you're spoiling him or not. ^_^ about your weight, don't worry honey, just keep up exercise, be happy, don't think too much about it, just enjoy with Austin!

Eloise - posted on 04/16/2009




Hello, nice to meet you. Where abouts do you live?

Temper tantrums....don't I know about minute she is a complete angel and the next she seems possesed.

My daughter is 13mths now, and I have lost pretty much all my baby weight, what I find the hardest is moving this bit of tummy I have been left with though :-(......but I guess it is a small price to pay for our precious little ones.

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