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Sofia - posted on 02/04/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




When I first started pumping after birth I was pumping 10/12ozs out of both breasts every 3 hours with me leaking horribly bad in between pumping! My son is now 5 weeks old & I'm pumping barely 3-4ozs oit of both breasts every 3 to 4 hours with no engorement or leaking in between. Sometimes I barely even get a 4ozs out of both breasts. I've been taking 3 fenugreek pills 3 times a day along with eating the heck out of lactation cookies. I've have tried the pumping every 2 hours to boost my milk supply back up, what is going on? I'm worried I'm not pumping enough milk anymore. Sometimes at work I'll go 5 hours without pumping but I still never pump more than 3-4ozs of milk & no more. Help moms! I want to get babacto pumping a lot more milk like I used to. Any advice helps.


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Ashley - posted on 02/05/2015




Are you also feeding baby from the breast? If not that is what is going on, when you only pump milk and bottle feed only, the sensory glands aren't being stimulated to keep the supply up, so i would suggest actually feeding your baby off of the breast to get your supply up and to keep from drying up. Pumps only pump milk and don't stimulate the sensory glands, so in the beginning you had a lot of milk to supply but when the glands aren't being stimulated your body thinks its time to dry up because it thinks you don't need to supply the milk any longer, hence supplying less now than that in the beginning. Your breast milk is base on supply and demand the more you breast feed, the more you supply, the less you breast feed the less you supply. It is just the amazing way the body works. Plus you get that amazing bond with your baby you don't with a bottle.
If you are feeding from the breast also, then you shouldn't need to worry about how much you are pumping as long as your baby is getting enough from the breast.

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