Fying with 11 week old daughter

Ashley - posted on 02/18/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everyone. I am a new mom to a beautiful 11 week old girl. This Friday I am flying with her for a short weekend trip to see family. I am very nervous about this, scared she will start screaming and I wont be able to calm her down. I have been on flights with screaming babies and I know how frustrating it can make other people on board. The flight is short, about 2 hours, but I am so nervous. Anyone with any experience or advice for me? I am also worried about how I should pack, what to bring on flight with me for my daughter? Luckily my family has a carseat so I do not need to pack that. Any help or advice would be great!


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Gena - posted on 02/20/2013




Pack some diapers/wetwipes tissues, some spare clothes and some warm ones (incase it gets cold on the flight) Blanket. Dont worry to much, i was scared to fly with my son when he was 20 month old... a 19 hour flight, i thought he would cry get bored and run around... It went very well and he slept most of the time=)And even if she cries abit,I wouldnt care what other people think.She is a baby and people will understand. Have a great flight!

Elizabeth - posted on 02/19/2013




If she drinks formula bring plenty of those pre mixed formula bottles, no mess on the plane and they're allowed on if they're sealed. Bring lots of pacifiers. Hold her very close to you on the plane. The pacifier will help during the altitude change because that is the main reason many babies cry on planes. Ask the airline ahead of time if you can reserve a bassinet for her just you don't have to hold her the entire time if she starts getting squirmy. She is pretty young and the flight is pretty short so I am sure you will be fine. Good luck!

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