Gasping Sounds?

Christy - posted on 08/04/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




My son is 1 week and 5 days old, he occasionally makes these gasping or wheezeing sounds. Sometimes when he has the bottle and others just when I'm holding him. His breathing fluxuates from deep gasping to shallow inhails. I know some of this is because he's new and still learning the breathing ropes. His chest ins't rattleing but I have asthama, could this be connected? Or am I just a new mom jumping at shadows?


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look at his diaphram (right below the ribs) if he is actually having breathing problems you will see a marked difference in how deeply he tries to take a breath.

Most babies can look like they are struggling for breath when really its nothing, just talk to your doctor and if he sees no problem try not to worry too much. Keep an eye on when he is doing this. Feeding time always seems to be worse, sometimes I would joke that my kids needed a snorkle when they ate at that age.

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Most lil and new babies have this but you are mommy if it is odd to you then ask. Dr.s need to know stuff like this either to keep an eye on or just to reasure you things are good to go. Nothing is stupid and they encurage questions:)-

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my son did this for the first couple of months. he was a c-section baby though so he was never "squeezed".. he eventually stopped, and is perfectly healthy!

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My son did this and my MIL wondered if it might be asthma so I asked the ped. She said that their larynx is not fully developed yet, it is still very soft and that is what can cause the gasping sounds. If you're worried I would bring it up with your ped though.

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My son has done that since he was born and he's almost 4 months old now, but then again, he does it out of surprise or if we're playing peek-a-boo

Kelly - posted on 08/04/2009




My son only made gasping noises when he was being BF due to my fast let down. He occasionally gasped when i changed over to formula when the milk was coming out too fast. I would still take him to the Dr just to be sure.

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