Getting her off the bottle

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My daughter 2 and no matter what we do she wont give up her bottle any advice?


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with all my children i threw the bottles away so i wouldnt be tempted to give them and gave them a plastic beaker in a colour of their choice with a small drink in it and told them they were big now so they could have a special grown up cup like mummy they were all off bottles by 13 mnths at the latest with no fuss hope this helps

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Agreed Cold turkey is the best. This may seem really strange but the only way i could get her off the bottle was to put lemon juice on the teet. She hated it and just stopped asking for it all together. I was at my whits end with her and that bottle. Now we are at getting rid of her dummy, that is very hard she is much smarter now and wipes off the lemon juice "cheeky thing". Good luck

Stephanie - posted on 10/01/2009




you have to cold turkey her whether she likes it or not. If you take it away and give her a sippy cup she's going to fight you....don't worry that's ok. She'll drink if she's thirsty enough. You have to do at least 3 days straight without giving in of no bottle and then she should be ok. This is what my pediatrician recommended and it worked for both my babies. They both gave theirs up at 1....its surprising how well it works...those 3 days won't be easy, but its easier than fighting with her forever.

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