Getting my 8-week-old to sleep on his own!

Brianna - posted on 06/17/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need serious help getting my 8-week-old to sleep on his own! For the first couple of weeks he would only sleep when held. We were able to break him of that & he started sleeping in his crib (in a snuggle rest) since he hated his bassinet. Now, he has reverted back to not wanting to be put down! And, for safety reasons, we don’t like the idea of having him sleep in the bed with us. I try to limit his daytime naps, used an incline positioner, try warm baths at night (& use Johnson’s bedtime products), sing softy, turn off all noise & lights...I even bought a CD with womb sounds, but it only worked temporarily. I am especially exhausted as I have returned to work & stay up nearly all night trying to get him to sleep. He is not held all day, he actually enjoys his swing, bouncer, activity mat, baby einstein dvd’s, he even lays in his bassinet or crib to look at his mobile. He easily falls to sleep when rocked but when place in his crib or even his pack’n’play bassinet, he wakes within a few minutes crying. Any suggestions?


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Stephanie - posted on 06/17/2009




He will sleep better if you let him get his naps out during the day. Also when my doctor started us on a feeding every 3 hours during the day my daughter slept better at night.

Christine - posted on 06/17/2009




I know it sounds weird, but my son always slept better (more) at night when I held him more during the day and he got several good, long naps. Also, swaddling really helped for us!

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